My Review Policies

Review Policy:

Dear Publishers, Publicists, and Authors:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope my review policies are helpful but if not, feel free to contact me before sending me any review requests!

Book Reviews:
Right now I mainly accept physical book copies (galleys) because of health reasons associated with having central nervous system Lupus (if interested, click here for an explanation of my disease/symptoms/manifestations), although I will accept a limited number of e-ARCs or audiobooks for review. Although I would love to be able to accept all requests for book reviews, that is just not possible. Thank you for understanding.

If you are contacting me to solicit a review, please let me know a little bit about the book, preferably attach a book description or link if possible.

Also, if you are a publisher or author and you are requesting a review for an upcoming new release book and have a specific timeframe you want the book reviewed, please let me know that as well in your email request. I try to accommodate all review request dates as much as possible for all accepted review copies and typically have my reviews posted prior to or on a book’s publication date.

Writing My Reviews:

I promise to give you a completely honest and unbiased review and all opinions are my own.

I use the 5 Star rating system on my featured blog posts, and you can find my rating system on page 2.

*Please note: acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. I reserve the right not to finish or review any book that I have either accepted or requested.

It is my personal blog policy not write negative reviews on my blog since I want my blog to only showcase my favorite reads. Due to that policy, I do not write reviews for any book that I did not finish or that I give a star rating of below 3-stars. However, I will post the book’s star rating and possibly a short review on Goodreads and Instagram. I will always post my thoughts on NetGalley/Edelweiss if the book was received via those sites. If I DNF’d the book, which I very rarely do, I will neither rate nor review the book as I do not think that is fair.

I can be reached through the Contact Page on my blog if you have any books that you would like me to review or if you have any questions about books that I have reviewed.

Although I would like to be able to respond to every book review request that I receive, it is not possible. If I have not answered your review request in a timely manner, usually within two weeks, then I’m more than likely not interested in your book or am not taking review requests at the time. However, you will get a response if I am interested in reviewing your book. Thank you for understanding.

These are the genres that I read and review, and I will always give a fair, honest, and unbiased review that is entirely based on my own opinions (please do not contact me with review requests for books not in these genres):

My preferred genres:

  • Suspense
  • True Crime
  • Mystery
  • Psychological Thrillers/Suspense
  • Domestic Suspense
  • Horror
  • Police Procedurals

Other genres I enjoy:

  • Women’s Fiction
  • Fantasy/Paranormal (please do not ask me to review fantasy or paranormal involving aliens, alien worlds, other planets, or ones that takes place in outer space for any amount of time since I don’t read these type of books at all)
  • Some Young Adult, preferably suspense or mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Only Romance as it relates to Rom-Coms, Women’s Fiction, Romantic Suspense, or Historical Romance-please no erotica
  • Some Memoirs

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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