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Book Title and Author: The Sixth Wicked Child by J.D. Barker
Series: 4MK #3
Publication Date and Publisher: August 27, 2019 by Hampton Creek Press
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Pages: 560 pages
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Date Read: August 11, 2019 (e-arc)

5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

In the riveting conclusion of the 4MK trilogy, Barker takes the thriller to an entirely new level. Don’t miss a single word of the series James Patterson called “ingenious.”

Hear No Evil

For Detective Sam Porter, the words “Father, forgive me” conjure memories long forgotten; a past intentionally buried. For Anson Bishop, these three words connect a childhood to the present as he unleashes a truth concealed for decades.

See No Evil

Found written on cardboard near each body, these words link multiple victims to a single killer—discovered within minutes of each other in both Chicago and South Carolina—clearly connected yet separated by impossible miles.

Speak No Evil

Chicago Metro and the FBI find themselves caught in chaos—a hospital on lockdown, a rogue officer, and corruption at the highest levels. When Anson Bishop, the prime suspect in the notorious 4MK serial murders turns himself in, he reveals a story completely unexpected, one that not only upends the current investigation, but one that will change the lives of all involved.

Do No Evil

With unrelenting tension and pulse-pounding suspense, the past unravels at breakneck speed as the truth behind the Four Monkey Killer’s motive is finally revealed in this masterfully crafted finale.

My Thoughts:

I loved The Fourth Monkey and The Fifth To Die and have been anxiously awaiting the conclusion to the 4MK trilogy especially after the shocking cliffhanger in the last book. All I can say is as soon as I started The Sixth Wicked Child, I couldn’t put it down. This is one of my favorite, and one of the best, serial killer/crime series around, by far.

J.D. Barker has given us a serial killer suspect quite unlike any other: Anton Bishop is intelligent, gifted, always one step ahead of the police, and dare I say it, likable for all the atrocities he’s (supposedly) committed? Yet, is he really 4MK? After the ending of The Fifth To Die and all the new information revealed in The Sixth Wicked Child, including Bishop turning himself in(??), who really knows the truth about anything anymore. The investigation is flipped upside down, turned sidewise, and turned into chaos and the ones you thought you could trust from the previous books maybe aren’t so trustworthy after all.

The novel is told through multiple perspectives interspersed with diary entries written by Bishop detailing his early childhood, so you get his backstory and childhood, which reveals so much. There’s also backstory on Detective Sam Porter, which answers a lot of questions for the last book, so the story goes full circle. This is not just a conclusion to the trilogy but Barker does an excellent job through his plotting, characters, and setting allowing you to understand exactly why everything happened-or why there was a consequence for every action.

The twists and turns were staggering and kept me on my toes! Barker is superb at writing thrillers and the conclusion to the 4MK trilogy is not to be missed! Definitely recommend this series to thriller and crime fiction lovers!

**Thank you NetGalley and Hampton Creek Press for the ARC. All opinions are my own.**

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26 thoughts on “#BookReview: The Sixth Wicked Child by J.D. Barker @jdbarker #stephlvsbooks #TheSixthWickedChild #4MK

    1. I actually liked the 5th more than the 4th but I listened to the 4th Monkey Killer on audio and have a love/hate relationship with them, so that could be why. This one was just really did an excellent job tying up the trilogy although I want more, lol.


      1. I kept writing the author’s name title etc. It showed me old book of his. After speaking to you, I got it…
        Do you do voodoo, lady? If you do, kindly ask publishers not to reject me 😂😂😂😂

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    1. I didn’t think it overly graphic at all but that’s me and I tend to like my thrillers graphic as long as it’s well done and not just written for shock value. Karin Slaughter writes much more graphically and violently than these are, so I’m not sure if The Last Widow is the first book you’ll read by her of if you’ve read others, but that’s a comparison if it helps.

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      1. Yes, I tend to skim all those gruesome, graphic scenes. I’m just so squeamish and I end up regretting it if I read it! Thanks Stephanie! ❤


    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! I hope you do one day. It’s just outstanding. Thanks you to-it’s been crazy too. Pure chaos is prefect. I’ve never seen so many people drop courses and add courses in one week! It makes for a confusing week. I hope your weekend is very relaxing. I’m ready for a spa weekend, lol.


    1. Thanks Mackey! That’s exactly how I felt when I picked it up-I was dying to read it but hated to see it end. There are some series like that and others that I read (looking at you Stepanie Plum) that need to die already. This one is so, so good when you do get to it!


    1. Thank you, Jonetta. It’s always a thrill when one of your favorite series continues wonderfully and wraps up just perfectly. I highly recommend this one. I hope you find the time soon! Thank you! ♥

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