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Book Title and Author: Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham
Publication Date and Publisher: July 23, 2019 by Scribner
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Fiction
Pages: 352 pages
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Date Read: July 9, 2019 (e-arc)

4 Stars


From the bestselling author of The Secrets She Keeps, the writer Stephen King calls “an absolute master…with heart and soul,” a fiendishly clever suspense novel about a dangerous young woman with a special ability to know when someone is lying—and the criminal psychologist who must outwit her to survive.

A girl is found hiding in a secret room in a house being renovated after a terrible crime. For weeks she has survived by sneaking out at night, stealing food for herself and two dogs that are kept in the garden. The nurses at the hospital where she is taken call her “Angel Face” because she won’t tell anyone her name, or her age, or where she came from. Maybe she is twelve, maybe fifteen, or somewhere in between. She doesn’t appear on any missing person’s file, or match the DNA of any murder victim.

Six years later, still unidentified, the same girl is living in a secure children’s home with a new name, Evie Cormac, when she initiates a court case demanding the right to be released as an adult. Psychologist Cyrus Haven is sent to interview Evie and decide if she’s ready to go free, but Evie Cormac is unlike he’s anyone he’s ever met. She’s damaged, destructive, and self-hating, yet possessed of a gift, or a curse, that makes her both fascinating and dangerous to be with—the ability to tell when someone is lying. Soon he is embroiled in her unique and dangerous world, his life in utmost peril.

Cleverly constructed, swiftly paced, and emotionally explosive, Good Girl, Bad Girl is the perfect thrilling summer read from the internationally bestselling author David Baldacci called “the real deal.”

My Thoughts:

Hi all! I’m finally back from my vacation cruise and on the road back to NC…only another 6 hours until we’re home! I have lots of catching up to do with all of your blogs that I’ve missed so much since I was gone for a week (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a wonderful time on my vacay), and this drive is a perfect time! I’ve also got lots of reviews that need posting because I have quite a few books releasing July 23rd, so yay for reviews! Here we go with my first one…

Good Girl, Bad Girl is the newest book by author Michael Robotham. It’s a multifaceted and enthralling suspense novel that will keep you glued to the pages.

Evie Cormac is a ward of the state, but she’s ready to be on her own since she swears she’s now 18 years old. One problem: no one knows anything about her, not her real name, her birth date, her actual age, nothing. She’s a true mystery, and she won’t tell anyone what happened to her when she was found six years ago, dirty, malnourished, and hidden just feet away from a decomposing dead man who had been brutally tortured. 

Cyrus Haven is a forensic psychologist called to evaluate Evie and assess if she’s ready for release. Cyrus recognizes something in Evie that he sees as a gift, something he wrote a thesis about―the ability to tell when someone is lying, but Evie sees it as a curse. He also recognizes something else in Evie since she’s not the only one with a traumatic past; it’s this that leads him to rashly offer to foster her. 

At the same time, he’s also working with the police to figure out who killed champion teenage figure skater, 15-year-old Jodie Sheehan. Everyone Cyrus talks with about the investigations reveal darker and more shocking revelations. Can Cyrus (with Evie’s input) solve this mystery and unravel the truth before things get out of control?

This is only my 2nd book by Robotham, but I can say after reading this book that his plotting is masterful and I loved the heart-pounding intensity. The story is character-driven, and both of the main characters are not only excellent but excellently portrayed. It’s a suspense novel where I loved the interaction between the two so much that I can only hope this standalone turns in to a series, as I imagine I’m not the only one who’d love to see more of Cyrus and young Evie in the future, especially since I have some questions about Evie’s past and her abilities that I wish had been delved into further and answered in the book.

Definitely recommended!

**Thank you NetGalley and Scribner for the ARC. All opinions are my own.**

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