WWW Wednesday! February 27, 2019

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! We have the flu at our house, so it’s been another super slow reading week, which I’ve hated! But Friday starts Spring Break and vacation, so I hope that I get all my reading done that I have planned for those 10 days…

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. Here’s how it works: all you need to do is answer the following three questions and link back to her, or you can put your answers in the comments on her blog!


The three WWW questions are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently, I’m reading:

The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths 

The Southern Side of Paradise (Peachtree Bluff #3) by Kristy Woodson Harvey 

The Last Year of the War by Susan Meissner  can’t seem to progress past the first couple of chapters with this one, hmm

The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood #16) by J.R. Ward * (audiobook)

*Popsugar 2019 Challenge Prompt: two books that share the same title

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder * (with my daughter)

*Popsugar 2019 Challenge Prompt: a book that makes you nostalgic


Since last week I finished reading:


Never Tell (Detective D.D. Warren #10) by Lisa Gardner (5 Stars)

Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly (4.5 Stars)


Next, I plan on reading:

The Editor by Steven Rowley 

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly


Well, that’s what my reading has been like since last week! How about yours? What good books are you reading this week or have you recently finished? What wonderful books do you plan on reading next? I’d love to hear what you’re reading so I can have more ideas for my ever-growing TBR pile! 🙂 Have a great week!!

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45 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday! February 27, 2019

    1. I can’t wait to read them all! Oh, yuck! It definitely does. I’m just keeping fingers crossed it goes away soon and without complications since I’ve had pneumonia the past two years I’ve gotten the flu and really don’t want to again, especially 6 months after having pulmonary embolisms…ugh. I’m on prophylactic antibiotics so I hope they help! I hope you feel better very soon!!


    1. Thank you, Laurel! Never Tell was so good! I’ve heard such wonderful things about The Silent Patient. I believe The Editor will be great…loved his last book. Thank you, I hope so!

      Thank you for sharing your WWW post!


  1. Oh no, Stephanie, so sorry to hear you are all suffering with the flu. Hope you all feel better soon. Heard a lot about Stranger Diaries so it’s on my list and am also patiently waiting my turn at the library for The Silent Patient. Right now, Jan and I are reading The Hiding Place and it’s great….I am also reading The Devil’s Aspect from ng.

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    1. Thank you, Marialyce! I hope so too. Stranger Diaries is good so far–I picked it up because of Jennifer’s review! I couldn’t resist since the main character is an English Lit teacher who specializes in gothic literature and my specialization is gothic literature, so it seemed meant to be…although I don’t ever want to be involved with a murder! I’ve heard of so many people waiting for The Silent Patient, so I hope it’s worth the hype! I’m interested in what Jan and you think of The Hiding Place once you finish. I did enjoy it but couldn’t get past the King similarities to love it like I wanted to. I hope you both love it though; she’s super talented!

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      1. Hope today finds you feeling better. I liked The Hiding Place quite a lot. Even though she is much influenced by King, I found her much better bc she is concise in her writing and her characters have sparkle. She doesn’t go on for unnecessary pages as I find King does. She gets the story told brilliantly. I have found King seeming to follow a form and have not been that thrilled with his recent outings. We will see with The Silent Patient. As you well know, hype often ruins a book. Reading now The Last Romantics and The Devil’s Aspect.


      2. I’m about the same today, but my daughter is a lot better so that’s great! I have Lupus, so it’s harder for me to recover since my immune system is already compromised. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day since I’ve been spending so much of the week taking care of everyone else and today is the first real day I’ve been able to fully rest. I completely understand what you mean by Tudor’s writing, and I’m very glad you enjoyed the book. She’s very smart and a brilliant story-teller. I have only read about 5 of King’s books, and the newest was probably 11/22/63, so I’m not sure how his newer ones fair although I have The Outsider to read. I really enjoyed 11/22/63, but I’m a Kennedy junkie. I would have enjoyed The Hiding Place more if the story hadn’t Pet Semetary’s plot only because I know she can be much more original than that, and I do look forward to her 3rd book. That’s true about hype, but I really hope it doesn’t ruin The Silent Patient since this is a book that I received for my birthday and I’d hate for it to be bad. I have The Last Romantics to read as well and hope you’re enjoying it! I’ve not heard of The Devil’s Aspect but will have to check it out. Enjoy!

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  2. I’ve just finished Little Lovely Things and loved it too! We share so many books in common and even the flu in common. I am absolutely miserable right now. I hope you all are feeling better soon, especially in time for your vacation! ♥️

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    1. Yes, we do!♥ How did we manage to get the flu at the same time? LOL I know it’s not funny since we’re both miserable, but it is funny in a way. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling so miserable. Did your Dr give you Tamiflu? My daughter is on it, but I missed the cut off. They put me on course of prophylactic antibiotics to hopefully prevent pneumonia…so I’m hoping! Thank you! I hope so too but if not, we can have a staycation! Spring Break is always great no matter what. I hope you feel better soon too! xoxo ♥

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      1. I didn’t go to the doctor…I had the flu shot, and the last few times I’ve gotten something, they wouldn’t give me anything at all…Wait, they gave me Tessalon Pearls which don’t touch my lovely cough. So until I’m sick for over a week, I’m not bothering because that’s about when they take me seriously. Ugh. And hopefully by then I’ll be on the upswing? But today was another miserable day. Gosh. I hope you feel better soon, too! ♥️

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      2. Oh, that’s too bad! I’m allergic to the flu shot, but everyone else did. Since I have Lupus, my Dr still wants to see me and wants every family member on Tamiflu if they can be on it since my immune system is already compromised. I’m not sure that the Tamiflu works though…my husband says it’s worthless and it makes my daughter throw up so badly that we stopped making her take it. I guess it just depends on the person. Tessalon Pearls have never worked for my cough. I think Delsym works better than it does. Hopefully, it will be over for you before you have to go to the dr! I’m running my diffusor with eucalyptus and menthol constantly to help us all breathe and that seems to be helping with the congestion and coughs so much. I hope today was a much better day for you. My oldest (who made us sick in the 1st place) is completely better, my other son and daughter is feeling so much better, so I’m resting 100% for the first time today after taking care of them! Still pretty miserable but hoping to feel better tomorrow after the rest today. Thank you!! ♥

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      3. I totally forgot that Tamiflu makes me feel badly too! I’m glad some are starting to feel better, but hope YOU start feeling better, too. I was looking for my favorite version of NyQuil, and it’s no longer on the shelves, so the pharmacist actually gave me my first bottle of Delsym! I’ve never taken it before. Here’s hoping I can sleep for more than two hours tonight! 🤞 Sending healing hugs. Xoxo

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      4. I’m glad that I’ve never taken Tamiflu then. I’m definitely feeling better today and hope I will feel better tomorrow. Oh, I wondered about Nyquil since the one my hubby bought wasn’t like the expired one we had here, lol. I didn’t realize they changed it and thought he messed up, oops! I hope the Delsysm helped and you were able to sleep. Thank you…same to you! xoxo

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  3. Have a wonderful vacation. It’s the perfect time of year for one. (Hopefully, the flu is completely done.)

    I just started The Last Year of the War yesterday and have already read about 25%. I really like it, so maybe give it a little more time. The focus shifts more to the past, but I like the story in both eras. I think I may listen to The Silent Patient. I’ve heard the dual narrators are excellent.

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    1. Thank you! It really is, especially if the weather is nice. I hope so…the dr said about 10 days of symptoms.

      I think I just haven’t been in the right mood for The Last Year of the War since I’ve been reading a lot of suspense and women’s fiction lately and had read a lot of WWII novels already since Dec. I’ll stay with it, but I think I need to get my mood reading out of my system first. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it though because I know I will then!

      I’ve heard the same thing about the narration of The Silent Patient and almost wish I didn’t own the book. But that’s ok! I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it better if I read it since it takes me longer to listen to an audiobook than to read, and I’m dying to read this one!


  4. Oh no…I hope you stick with The Last Year of the War. Crossing my fingers that you will soon become completely immersed into the story!
    Is your daughter enjoying The Little House in the Big Woods?
    Looking forward to your thoughts on Stone Mothers and The Silent Patient (I hope to read this one in March)

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    1. I will..I’ve been a moody reader lately and mostly reading about murder or romance, lol. I’m not sure what that means… I think I just read so much WWII fiction in Dec and Jan that I need a small break, but I will focus on it over Spring Break!

      She is loving Little House in the Big Woods so much that she asked to read the other 8 books! I was so happy! As soon as we’re done with this one, we’re starting Little House (even though Farmer Boy is next).

      I think they’ll both be so good! I’ll hold my review for Stone Mothers until April (probably) but I’ve got to read it asap. I’m dying to start The Silent Patient tonight, but I need to finish up 2 books first or I might get confused, lol.

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  5. Ooo great picks! I can’t wait to read Lisa Gardner’s new one, I love DD Warren!! I reserved it at the library ages ago and I’m in a huge queue (patience isn’t so good when it’s a book I’m desperate to read) so I’ll have to put it on my shopping list instead 🙂

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    1. Thank you! DD is the best, and it has Flora Dane in it too…idk if you read the ones with her in it? I love her too! They make a great duo! Ugh…I hate waiting for a book I really want at the library and end up buying it! Thankfully, it was my bday last week and my hubby bought it for my Kindle, yay! I hope you read it soon! And I hope you’re feeling better! I saw your pics on Instagram and wow, what an ordeal! Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you are recovering. Hugs! xoxo

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      1. You’re welcome, Caz. Yes…she’s so great in this book! No, don’t apologize! Your health is so much more important, and I completely understand! You have to take care of you. Thank you! ♥

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    1. We are enjoying it, and I love she asked to read them all! I wasn’t sure she would enjoy it, so it made me happy! Aww, well, I’m homeschooling her for 3rd grade, so I might not have thought about it if I hadn’t put the book on the lesson plan for her literature unit.

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  6. So sorry that y’all have been sick. Hope your upcoming break will allow you to rest, relax and recover. I definitely just added The Stranger Diaries to my TBR. How is your daughter enjoying the Wilder readalong? I recently read The Silent Patient. It was unique, but I did not love it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Here is what I’m reading this week: https://greatmorrisonmigration.wordpress.com/2019/02/27/www-wednesdays-february-27-2019/

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    1. Thank you! The flu is the worst. I hope so too! The Stranger Diaries is really good so far. She’s enjoying it-she’s been reading it more to herself now than to me and I have to tell her to read it to me so I can hear it. At first she didn’t know what to think when they were butchering pigs and making butter, and we talked about what life was like back then, which was a great intro into pioneer life since I’m homeschooling her but we’re studying ancient civilizations in history. It was fun to explore off-topic a bit! I’ve heard such great reviews of The Silent Patient, so I’m interested to see what I think. I’ve been a love or hate-em reader with the suspense novels this year.

      Thanks for sharing your post!

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    1. Thank you, Mackey! We’re all feeling better today-not 100% for me, but it’s better than what it was although I’d love to be able to breathe! Ahh, thank you! I had one posted for today, but I hope to be able to get some written for next week. 🙂


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