Book Review: Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter


Book Title and Author: Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter
Publication Date and Publisher: March 12, 2019 by Lake Union Publishing
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 325 pages
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Date Read: January 20, 2019 (e-arc)

5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

If there’s a healthy way to grieve, Erin Gaines hasn’t found it. After her husband’s sudden death, the runaway success of the tech company they built with their best friends has become overwhelming. Her nerves are frayed, she’s disengaged, and her frustrated daughter, Shorie, is pulling away from her. Maybe Erin’s friends and family are right. Maybe a few weeks at a spa resort in the Caribbean islands is just what she needs to hit the reset button…

Shorie is not only worried about her mother’s mental state but also for the future of her parents’ company. Especially when she begins to suspect that not all of Erin’s colleagues can be trusted. It seems someone is spinning an intricate web of deception—the foundation for a conspiracy that is putting everything, and everyone she loves, at risk. And she may be the only one who can stop it.

Now, thousands of miles away in a remote, and oftentimes menacing, tropical jungle, Erin is beginning to have similar fears. Things at the resort aren’t exactly how the brochure described, and unless she’s losing her mind, Erin’s pretty sure she wasn’t sent there to recover—she was sent to disappear.

My Thoughts:

Emily Carpenter is an auto-buy author for me with The Weight of Lies ranking up there as one of my all-time favorite books, so I was beyond thrilled to read her newest novel, Until the Day I Die as soon as I received an advanced reader copy!! Let’s just say that I stayed up to finish it until 4 am because it is so riveting, fast-paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat!

Until the Day I Die starts off as a slow-burn as Carpenter introduces a cast of intriguing and realistic characters, her ingenious and highly intelligent plot and then throws you into a story so swift and breakneck, dark and sinister, twisted and unpredictable that you’re breathless throughout the entire three-fourths of the book!

Her newest novel is told through the perspectives of the mother-daughter duo of Erin and Shorie, both recovering from the recent death of their husband/father Perry. Erin’s grief is overwhelming as she can barely recover from Perry’s death. Erin’s not only acting strangely but is overworking as CEO of Jax, the successful tech company she started with Perry and their best friends/partners Sabrine and Ben, a company she now wants to sell since Perry is gone but against her partner’s wishes.

Jax is a company that Shorie loves because it was a part of her dad, and she wants to work there instead of heading to Auburn University for her freshman year like her mom wants, so their relationship is strained. When her grandparents, along with Ben and Sabine suggest Erin needs to go to a spa for some rest and “restoration” to help recover from her grief, Shorie is all for sending her mom to an exclusive spa in the Caribbean Island. Erin goes but quickly finds out that the spa experience is not relaxing as promised and wonders who would send her into this chilling nightmare. Soon even Shorie begins to realize something is horribly wrong while she’s keeping an eye on Jax and sees error codes appearing that shouldn’t be in the system.

Carpenter weaves a menacing web of deception and lies that will have you quickly turning pages trying to figure out each surprising plot twist! The two female protagonists of Erin and Shorie are fantastic, and I loved how Carpenter wrote their relationship as honest and genuine. The short chapters are just perfect to keep the relentless suspense going at the ideal pace. The story is just as atmospheric and enthralling as its gorgeous cover (Carpenter’s covers always perfectly evoke images of what’s between its pages) and although she departed from her normal southern gothic style of writing with this one to write a more classic type suspense, Carpenter absolutely slayed it with this book!

Carpenter has proven without a doubt that she’s a master of suspense no matter what subgenre she chooses to write! Until the Day I Die was a phenomenal read and one that I predict will be a huge hit in 2019! It comes out March 12, 2019, so make sure you grab a copy!

**Thank you Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC to read in exchange for my fair and honest review. **

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      1. I know! That’s been happening to me all week since it’s midterm week and I’m grading papers all evening. It’s frustrating, lol. I hope you get to read more soon!


  1. Oooo I hadn’t come across this but I love the sound of it. Books with twists and that keep you engaged to see what’s going to happen next, with a “menacing web of deception and lies”, are definitely my cuppa tea. Thanks for the great review, will add to my TBR list! x

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    1. Awesome, Caz! It’s definitely a menacing and twisted book! It starts slow but then it gets crazy! I was shocked at how insane some of it was…so good though! I love all her books! Enjoy if you read and I hope you’re doing well! xoxo ♥

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    1. I love her books! I was reading The Honeysuckle Girl at 3 am two nights in a row this week–she’s just such a captivating author! If you have Kindle Unlimited, I think most of her books are free to download with that.


      1. Ahh, great idea! I need to make a wishlist like that on Amazon. I only have one for books I want to buy. I hope you do! This one was a Read Now on NetGalley when I picked it up, but I have no idea if it is now if you want to check.


    1. It really is good! I love her books so much! Oops…I’ve been good at not requesting and staying at around 90%. For some reason, I freak out if it falls below 90, haha! I think the teacher in me is like no…below 90 is a B…I’m so crazy! I There are a million I want to request though, but I still have 11 reviews to write, and I’m getting nowhere fast with those. Reading is too much fun! This one is a Read Now on NG….not that I’m trying to tempt you! 😉


    1. Me too, they are the best kind! It’s very twisty…a little slow to start but once it does, it’s full of action and twists! I just LOVE this author. Thanks, Diana!


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