Brief Update…Where I’ve Been and a Little Blog Break

Blog Break

Sorry all for not being around the past week: my dad, who is 70, had surgery last week to repair a leg injury he suffered in a major accident he was in a couple of weeks ago where he suffered head trauma, lacerations, and his leg injury. He also went into shock at the time of his accident and had a small cardiac event which they monitored since he had a heart attack at age 47 and a quadruple bypass surgery 8 years ago.

His surgery last week was routine, but he again suffered another cardiac event a few days after coming home from the hospital that led to a massive heart attack and since then he’s undergone another open heart surgery. Right now he’s still in the Cardiac ICU and I’m not sure when he will be coming home, but I’m at his side, along with my stepmom,  pretty much until the nurses kick me out and tell me to get some sleep.

So, that’s what is going on in my life right now and is my top priority. Dad will need lots of time recovering after he’s released although he likes to think he will be up and back to running 10 miles a day and running his 13K marathons like normal in no time…I would say he’s in crazy good shape for a 70 year old except for this heart thing! So I’m going to drive him insane taking care of him until he tells me to go find something else to do! I’m an only child, so it’s my job to take as good of care of him as he did of me when I was a little girl. Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl…<3

Anyway, I know all of you have told me before that life comes first and blogging will always be here when I had my own issues, and I always felt awful, but now it’s my Dad and I don’t feel at all guilty stepping away from my blog. I guess when you almost lose someone you love beyond words it changes things.

I do have some posts written and scheduled for this week and maybe the week after (I think!! It’s been too crazy to check, so if not, then I’m losing my marbles!), but I’m not sure how often I will be checking my blog, other blogs, or Twitter. And I apologize in advance! Even though I don’t feel guilty stepping away since this is my dad, I hate to miss all of your blog posts and chatting with everyone since I love all of my blogging friends and followers!!

I hope to be posting and chatting with everyone as normal very soon! Thank all of you for your good wishes, prayers, and thoughts at this time..they are much needed and appreciated since he isn’t out of the woods yet!

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49 thoughts on “Brief Update…Where I’ve Been and a Little Blog Break

  1. Stephanie, I’m sorry to year about your dad! It sounds like he’s in good hands though. I hope you’re feeling okay and aren’t too stressed. Will be thinking about you guys and let your dad know I have you all in my prayers. I hope he recovers quickly. Take care, love. ❤❤❤ Hugs xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Jenn! ❤ He's doing better-he got to go home on Friday, which was a relief for all of us. I'm trying not to stress too much, but you know how it is. I'm only 9 weeks out of the Cardiac ICU myself, so hubby is on me to take care of myself and everything so I don't have a setback. I've been feeling extra tired, but I've not been sleeping as much as I had been. Hopefully. now that he's home, I can rest more. Thank you so much! Prayers are always appreciated!! Hugs!! I hope you're well! xoxo ❤

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    1. Thank you, Jen! He was discharged on and came home Fri afternoon, and we’re all so happy about that. He has about 6-12 weeks of recovery ahead of him, but he’ll get there. I am-I have to keep being reminded that I just left the Cardiac ICU myself 9 weeks ago and am still recovering too and won’t be any good if I get sick or have a Lupus flare-up. I’ve been pretty exhausted the past couple of days, but I think it’s just stress or hoping so! I definitely don’t need it to be anything else. Thanks for all the good thoughts and love! xoxo ❤

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    1. Thanks Jonetta for the prayers and everything! He’s doing much better now that he’s home, and I’m so relieved (we all are)! I just came home from the cardiac ICU 9 weeks ago myself after having blood clots in my lungs, so I know you don’t get much rest there even if the medical care is excellent! Recovering at home is definitely better!


  2. Bless you darling girl. ☹️ So sorry to hear about your dad and really hoping he gets better soon. 🤞🏻 Remember to take all the time you need and I’ll always be here if you need to talk. Thinking of you anc your family. 😘😘😘

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    1. Thank you, lovely! He’s home as of Friday, so that’s an improvement and I’m so glad he’s not in the hospital anymore. He’s got a long road ahead of him with his recovery, but he can do it! I will and I know :)! Thank you for everything! xoxox Hugs and much love, my friend!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks so much! He came home on Friday, so he’s making progress in the right direction, yay! I appreciate your well wishes! Definitely, they come first. I do have some prescheduled blog posts for this week (thank you WP), but I’ll answer comments when I get time.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your Dad’s string of awful medical events. No worries about the blog. No worries about anything except what you need to do for your family. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. It’s so easy to let your own needs slide when a loved one is ill, but you’ll be worthless to anyone if you get sick! Sending hugs and love and coffee!

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    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Thank goodness he was discharged on Friday and is home now! He’s had a time…he said he’s taking after me now with the medical stuff and laughed since he’s healthy as a horse except for the heart blips he calls it! He’s ready to start running his 10 miles a day again, but his cardiologist said no…lol. I think he’ll recover pretty quickly. I know. Hubby keeps reminding me that I’m 9 wks home from the cardiac ICU myself and still recovering from my pulmonary embolisms, which I know since I’m still tired all the time. I’m resting easier since dad is home and going to sleep in my own bed tonight! Thanks for the hugs, love, and coffee! I’ll take them…sending them back to you! ❤🤗☕

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      1. So am I! I think my step-mom aged 10 years this past week, so I’m glad for her too. I’ve needed the rest. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I did and now I’m just exhausted. But I’ll rest and recharge…I know you do and that means so much!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you, Renee! The good news is he’s home from the hospital, so that’s progress! I’m trying to…my hubby is staying on me about that since I’m only 2 months home from the hospital myself. Thanks again!

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  4. I’m your dad’s age and I had a quadruple bypass and valve repair 14 years ago so I get your anxiety. In fact, I’m sure my daughters felt (and still feel) the same as you. Take care of your own needs so you can be there for your dad and know that your attention to and love for your dad means everything 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! They mean a lot. He’s doing so much better now. I can tell that it has meant so much for me to be there for him. I’ll worry about him for a long time I’m sure…like your daughters do you, but he’s my dad and means the world to me. Thank you again for the lovely things you wrote; I’m going to remember them!! ♥


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