Book Review: Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade


Book Title and Author: Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade
Publication Date and Publisher: September 18, 2018 by Gallery Books
Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Romance
Pages: 352 pages
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Date Read: August 25, 2018 (e-arc)

4.5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Must Love Dogs meets My Not So Perfect Life in this enchanting and hilarious romance about a dog trainer stuck in a love triangle between one of her favorite clients and a loyal friend, all the while gearing up to audition for a slot on a reality show.

Cora Bellamy is a woman who thrives on organization. She’s successfully run her own dog training business for years, perfectly content with her beloved rescue pitbull as the main man in her life. She’s given everything to her business, and her lack of social life (or slobber-free clothes) has been completely worth it.

But all that changes when she meets Charlie Gill, the hottest client she’s ever had. The only problem? Charlie’s taken. Luckily, Cora has a new friend—the sweet, lovably geeky Eli Crawford. More loyal than a retriever, he’s always there to help Cora with her problems, including her love life. That’s why she’s shocked to realize that even as things start heating up with Charlie, there might just be a more-than-friends spark between her and Eli, too.

As Cora’s life gets more tangled up than a dogwalker’s leashes—and as she prepares to audition for a dog-training TV show that may irrevocably change her entire life—she has to figure things out before it all goes straight to the dogs.

Charming, witty, and warm-hearted, Life on the Leash inspires you to cheer for every underdog looking for love.

My Review:

What a delightful, heartwarming story! I had so much fun reading Life on the Leash!

Victoria Schade has written a funny, refreshing, feel-good novel that is perfect for a lighthearted, quick read. Wait, did I mention there are dogs in the book??!! Oh, yes!! Lots of dogs, which is one of the main reasons that I picked this book up since I’m a huge dog lover and always have my 10-year-old black lab/pit bull mix Onyx right beside me (hogging the couch or bed) whenever I’m reading or writing my book reviews! There’s also some romance going on in the book, and you just have to love a book with romance and dogs!

Cora Bellamy, the main character, is absolutely adorable! I love her! She is one of those book characters who you just want to be best friends with; I’m sure we’ve all encountered one or two of those along the way while reading, right? I love spending all my time with my dog, being covered with his kisses, and trying to get black dog hair off my clothes, so I think she and I would be great friends!

Cora used to be hugely successful in corporate America, but she left that world to follow her dreams to work with and help save dogs because of a passionate love for dogs she’s had since she was a young girl. Now, she has a successful dog training business and blog that advocates dog behavioral training methods based on kindness, gentle corrections, and positive training instead of training dogs using aggression and fear. The excellent dog training advice throughout the book was just an added bonus and when I realized that Schade is a dog trainer, I appreciated it even more!

The other characters, people and pups alike, are fabulous too–even the few that you dislike because they are so well written and characterized! They range from wonderful, friendly, funny, silly, quirky, sad, despondent, sinister, egotistical, selfish, amazing, and drool-worthy!

Cora’s rescue pit-bull, Fritz stole my heart with his loving affections and the way he made every rescue dog she brought home feel welcomed and safe. He’s just the epitome of doggie friendship and is the way I wished everyone viewed rescue dogs and beautiful pits, who have such loving hearts and only fight and are aggressive if trained that way, as well as all rescue dogs, who are so loving and need a second chance at a loving, forever home!!

While Life on the Leash has its romantic moments and the ending was fantastic, what I loved the most was the emphasis on friendships throughout the book! Cora’s best friend and roommate Maggie is always there to brush her off and give her a needed push, and Cora is there to do the same for Maggie. And her friend Eli is always around anytime Cora needs him and shows her what it really means to be a true friend, which is so much more than what she’s getting out of the burgeoning relationship between her hot but very much taken client!

 Life on the Leash is the perfect read for when you are looking for something a little lighter like I was when I read it! It will make you laugh, smile and if you are like me, you will even shed some tears over how some dog owners treat their own dogs, but that in no way ruined my enjoyment of this delightful book since that’s, unfortunately, the sad truth.

I highly recommend dog lovers pick this one up! Actually, I think all animal lovers will be won over by Cora and her unadulterated love of dogs and the friends in her life! Definitely, don’t miss this one because Schade has written a wonderful book full of heart, joy, and about taking second chances!

**Thank you Netgalley and Gallery Books for my ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review. **


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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you loved it too! I used to be a more of a cat person too! We used to have 3 but only have 1 now as 2 have passed away from old age. My hubby talked me into a dog when my oldest son was 6 and I fell head over heels in love with her ❤❤ She died at age 14 10 mths ago, and I miss her every day. I adore my pup and my cat…it’s weird only having 1 of each, lol. I need a menagerie. Sounds like you have your hands full but at least cats are pretty self sufficient. 😊

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      1. Well one of my cats is named Eli and another one is named Cooper, so this book spoke to me for that reason as well! Yes cats are much more self-sufficient and the dogs are my daughters so I can pass them off when they do something wrong, they are French bulldogs one is low maintenance and the other is a lot of maintenance!

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      2. Haha, that is too funny! There you go-like grandkids. Mine has separation anxiety; he’s an 80 lb baby. I can’t leave the room without him whining for me. And then trying to climb in my lap-he thinks he’s the size of the cat. You gotta love them!

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  1. Lovely review, Stephanie! I almost hit request on it after reading your review, but it’s too close to pub date, so I am trying so hard to hold off! Plus, you know about my October book situation already! I’ll just have to buy it some other time! ♥️ Xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer!! ❤ I know you’d love it, but I’d definitely hold off with your October situation. There are about a 8-10 more coming out in October I want to read and I’m having to sit on my hands to keep requesting them, lol. I just can’t do that many reviews, especially since I’m still supposed to be taking it easy. Ask for it as a Christmas gift! Books are all I ever ask for! ❤

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      1. LOL, me too! Although I do ask for a yearly massage. My hubby says I’m boring to buy for because I always know what I’m going to get, but I think that solves his shopping problems, lol. Well, I live in pj’s now a days, so I’m good with no clothes, haha!

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