Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell

Book Title and Author: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell
Publication Date and Publisher: July 10, 2018 by Berkley Publishing
Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 432 pages
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Date Read: June 14, 2018 (e-arc)

3.5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

When Michael Frazier’s ex-wife, Erica, shows up on his doorstep pleading for help, she drops a bombshell that threatens to rip his family apart: Erica’s nine-year-old daughter is missing–and Michael is the father. Unable to quickly determine if Erica is telling the truth, and unwilling to leave the little girl’s fate to chance, Michael has no choice but to follow the elusive trail of the child he has always wanted and never knew he had.

But finding Felicity comes at a price–the closer Michael gets to the truth, the further into jeopardy his marriage falls and the faster his family begins to unravel. As lies that span a decade bubble to the surface and the window for Felicity’s safe return closes, Michael will have just a few short days to decide who can be trusted and who is hiding the truth.

My Review:

I was very excited to read David Bell’s newest novel since I’ve heard nothing but high praise for his work by my fellow bloggers…I bought Bring Her Home last year after hearing all the 5 star ravings, but I’ve unfortunately not read it yet but plan on doing that asap, especially after reading his newest novel!

Somebody’s Daughter is a fast paced, gripping thriller that immediately grabs hold of you and keeps you reading until you’re finished!

Now while I enjoyed the book and my first reading experience of Bell’s work, I didn’t completely love Somebody’s Daughter, which was a tad disappointing after all the hype I’d heard of his books in the past.

What I did love was Bell’s effortless, well-paced, and engaging writing style, the lack of graphic violence, short, gripping chapters with plenty of mini cliffhangers, and his vivid descriptions of the characters and plot.

However, what made this a 3.5 star read was that the premise just didn’t work for me and more than anything I saw most of the twists coming ahead of time. To be honest, I felt the premise seemed a bit contrived, and some parts were either rushed or I felt not explained fully. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why if the missing little girl, Felicity, was really Michael’s daughter it took 9 years for Erica to tell him he was her dad when they lived in neighboring towns and Erica stayed in contact with his family. It seemed a bit improbable, but that could just be me overthinking it.

Yet, more than anything the book didn’t work for me because I figured out the “whodunit” as soon as the character was introduced into the story, which was within the first 1/3 of the book. That ruined the excitement I felt for the storyline since I figured out what happened to Felicity, but I still enjoyed reading the novel because Bell’s writing is just so well done.

Although Somebody’s Daughter didn’t 100% work for me, I still recommend it to fans of the thriller, suspense, and mystery genres! I did thoroughly Bell’s excellent, fast paced writing style and look forward to reading all his previous and future novels!

**Thank you Edelweiss and Berkley Publishing for my review copy in exchange for my fair and honest review. **


22 thoughts on “Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell

    1. I’ve heard such fantastic things about Bring Her Home, so I’m going to read it soon. You might like this one more than I did, and his writing is excellent. I definitely say give it a try! Thanks Holly!

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      1. I know; you just never know! I thought for sure after all the things I’d heard about his last book I’d love this one. It could also have been a case of bad timing on the read…it followed up reading The Last Time I Lied and The Fifth to Die, both of which were 5 star suspense/thrillers for me, especially TLTID! It was kinda hard to follow either of those up, especially after I solved the mystery almost immediately. I’ll be interested in what you think of his books!

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    1. You might like it, Laurel. I don’t have anything to compare it to, and I’ve read a few reviews saying this is better than Bring Her Home. I’m definitely going to read that one to compare the two. I’d certainly be interested in you’re thoughts of you do read it. You’re welcome!


    1. Thank you, Jennifer! In a way I’m glad I read this one first since it wasn’t as good as I expected. I’d hate to have read Bring Her Home and it lived up to the hype and then read this one because I would have been very frustrated. Without anything to compare it to, I did enjoy it, but it could have been worse if I’d read Bell’s books before. I’ll be interested in what you think of his books! I’ve been fighting a 3 day migraine, so I’m trying to take it easy today. Good excuse to nap since I was awake until 5am..ugh. I hope your weekend is fabulous! ❤😊

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      1. That totally makes sense! I am so sorry about your migraine. This is going to sound silly, but if you are like me, you will try anything when you’ve had a migraine for days. And you may have tried this already…but if not, take a pinch of sea salt, pink Himalayan if you have it, but it’s ok if not…but it has to be sea salt, not iodized. Let it dissolve in room temperature water, at least 8 ounces and drink it all. That trick has worked miracles for me. I asked my doctor about it, and he said it has to with electrolytes and dehydration, salt balance, something. 😂 I hope you are feeling better soon! 💗

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      2. Thanks, Jennifer! I have never heard of that but I’m going to try it! I still have it today, but my migraines tend to linger 4 to 6 days when they hit, which sounds awful but it could be worse. I had a migraine that lasted daily for 2 1/2 yrs, and I literally thought I was going to die at that point. I was in and out of the ER because I would pass out from the pain…that was definitely interesting to be teaching a lit lecture and pass out! I’m so thankful those are over, so these are awful but I think how much worse they could be! That makes sense about the electrolytes and dehydration though and I’m the worst for drinking enough water or anything during the day! I think I’ve had a glass of lemonade and a glass of coffee all day….😳 I’m going to try that tonight though!! Thanks!! 💗

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      3. I actually finished 16 oz of water…woohoo…if you know me that is an accomplishment! I’m awful about drinking water and know it. I used to drink 100 oz a day and then started slacking. I just got so sick of it I guess. But I’m going to start doing better. My migraines have always been pretty bad since I was about 12; they’re genetic and my middle son has them too since he was 9 but not as bad. I’m hoping my daughter won’t have them, but I’m sure she will since all the women in my family do 😦 It’s a little better today and the weather/humidity plays a huge part in that too! Thank you…you are so sweet! ❤

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      4. Yes, the weather is the worst for my headaches, too! Up and down/back and forth, and I almost always get one. I don’t know if you like lemon in your water- not just sitting on the rim, but actual freshly squeezed lemon juice? I pretty much only drink water, but first thing in the morning, I drink room temp lemon water and I usually have more cold lemon water throughout the day. Somehow that helps me drink even more water, just the flavor of it. I love it so much! 😂 💗 (Just thinking out loud for something that might dress up your water- or do you like the other kinds of fruit infusing your water?)


    1. Thank you! I did enjoy it though even if I didn’t love it, and my expectations might have been high after hearing glowing things about his other books. I’m so logical that I can suspend belief to a point but with certain things that seem to be painfully obvious, I have to roll my eyes. I generally tend to figure out who did it in 95% of the suspense and mysteries I read, LOL. Usually not by 15% in though like this one…generally by 40 -60% in I have worked it out. I think it’s because I’ve mostly read those genre, so they tend to get formulaic after a while. I get so excited when I come across one that completely baffles me like The Last Time I Lied did…that was wonderful to have my guesses be wrong, lol. You might like this one…it honestly could have been the timing too! I read this immediately following The Last Time I Lied…not the best book to have to follow up, haha! I’ll be interested in what you think! ❤

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      1. Ha! Yes, definitely a hard act to follow! I believe all suspense the rest of the year will have to match it! ❤ You are lucky for that. Nothing ruins it when you figure it out almost immediately. I’m fed up with suspense at the moment and reading a mix of classics, contemporary, and women’s fiction, lol. Then I’ll be back to reading suspense!

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      2. I go through those phases after reading so much suspense lol. At least I finally finished Beartown after trying and failing to read it several times, so woohoo! That’s good! I’m glad you are…hopefully still are or did till the end! I think because my 180 pg master’s thesis was on the psychology of murderers in nineteenth century British literature and then my 300 pg PhD dissertation I recently completed was on Gothic suspense literature from the eighteenth century to present, so I’ve spent too much time researching literary serial killers, suspense, etc, so that makes me almost hyperaware when reading thrillers, mystery, and suspense of who the culprit is. I’m the same with movies…I think I should write a novel and put my research to use but again, I hate writing! Haha!


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