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Last year I had lots of fun joining in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge, which is hosted yearly by Cathy@746 Books blog from June 1st to September 3rd. I was able to clear 20 books off my TBR last year, so I’m going to join in again this summer!

The challenge is fun and easy and anyone is welcome to join in! Just let Cathy know you are participating in the challenge by writing a post with the books you plan to read over the summer, use one of her summer images, and link your post back to her Master post here!

Cathy is very easygoing with the rules…even if you put a book on your list of 20, she’ll let you change books if you find something you want to read instead (I ended up making an alternative list of 10 books last year just in case…and I used them!). Also, if you don’t read all 20 books, that’s okay too! You can switch your reading goal to 15 or 10 books if you want! It’s an easy challenge that’s perfect for a lazy, easy going summer!

Oh, and make sure you share your reading progress on Twitter with the hashtag #20booksofsummer so everyone will know how you’re progressing and update your progress on Cathy’s blog!

For the challenge, I decided to pick 8 books that I’m reading for the 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge since they’re also books I’ve wanted to clear off my TBR for a while and make the rest of my books a mix of my most anticipated summer ARCs and other books from my TBR I’d like to read before heading back to school mid-August.

So here is my list (book link takes you to the Goodreads description):

Books that will also double for my Popsugar Challenge…


The Green Mile by Stephen King (Prompt: A book made into a movie you’ve already seen)

The Virgin’s Daughter (Tudor Legacy #1) by Laura Andersen (Prompt: The next book in a series you started)

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave (Charley Davidson #12) by Darynda Jones (Prompt: A book with a time of day in the title)

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain (Prompt: A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift)


Beartown by Fredrik Backman (Prompt: A book about or involving a sport)

The Education of Dixie Dupree by Donna Everhart (Prompt: A book by a local author)

The Secret History by Donna Tartt (Prompt: A book mentioned in another book)

America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie (Prompt: A book by an author with the same first or last name as you)

Most anticipated summer ARCS…


Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

The Fifth To Die (4MK Thriller #2) by J.D. Barker


When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

Other books on TBR…


Dreams of Falling by Karen White

My Plain Jane (The Lady Janies #2) by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank


The Mothers by Brit Bennett

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

There’s my 20 for the 20 Books of Summer Challenge! I’ll be keeping a Master List page on my blog and marking them off as I read them if you want to follow along, and I’ll be tweeting as I finish them with the #20booksofsummer hashtag! Now, which one to read first….

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29 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer Challenge…2018 #20booksofsummer

  1. So many wonderful titles. I absolutely love Beartown and I hope that you will too. I have heard so many good things about A Little Life. I hope to read it soon. Best of luck and enjoy all these books 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I hope I do too. I recently tried listening to it as an audiobook but had to stop since it was too confusing with all the characters, so I’m waiting for the physical copy from the library. I have too, and that it would make me cry! Thank you!! 🙂


  2. I love them all! Sounds like a great challenge. I want to see what you think of Wedding Date. I passed on the arc, but I still think it sounds like such a fun book. Of course, I’m anticipating Cross Her Heart and the Lapena book. TGI Summer!

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  3. A great selection of books, and you’re going to love Beartown!!!! Quite a few of those are on my TBR too, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts on several, particularly The Mothers as I’ve been eyeing it for a while. Good luck with the challenge, I’m sure you’ll ace it!

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    1. Thanks! Everyone says that Beartown is excellent! I’ve been meaning to read The Mothers for a long time, so this is the time to do it! Thank you; I should be able to read the 20 books since I read 18 books in May hahaha…it will just be if I can stick with my list LOL!

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  4. Diverse list that should keep you busy for the next 3 months!
    A Little Life is a chunkster, but it’s also compulsive reading in a train-wreck kind of way!

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    1. I hope so! I generally read 16 to 18 books a month, so I should get them all read; I just need to stick to my list this year, lol. I’ve got 25 other ARCs besides the ones on this list to read abd and review between now and the end of August, so I just need to have a strategy for working these 20 in along with those! 😊 Yes, I’ve heard that and I have it as an audiobook, which I might regret since I read 3x as fast as I can listen, and the audiobook is over 30 hrs long! That will probably drive me nuts even if I’m enjoying it. I may need to get my hands on a physical copy now…

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    1. Yay! Glad I’ve got some good ones on there! I should read them all. I read my 18th book of May yesterday, so I feasibly could read them all in 1 mth except I have 25 other ARCs besides the ones on this list between now and the end of Aug to read, so I have to work them around those, lol. It should still be doable since that’s an avg of 15 books a mth…I hope! 😅😊


      1. There is no way I would be able to read this many if I weren’t on summer break….once August hits I’ll probably be back to reading 8 or 9..maybe less. I’m taking advantage while I can, lol.

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  5. Ooh, I like your list. Working my way through King’s books chronologically. I can’t wait until I get to read The Green Mile but I’m still a long way off. I’m sure I read The Virgin’s Daughter years ago. I’m a big fan of Gregory’s Tudor books.

    The Mothers is supposed to be sooo good. And I’ve heard mixed things about A Little Life.

    I can’t wait to see your reviews for these. 😀

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    1. Oops, I just realised I mixed up The Virgin’s Daughter with Philippa Gregory’s The Virgin’s Lover. Haha. This one still looks interesting though. 😀

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    2. Thank you! Gregory’s Tudor books are really fantastic for the most part (I saw your other comment about mixing the books up, and I loved The Virgin’s Lover!). I was not a huge fan of Three Sisters, Three Queens about Queen Margaret of Scotland, but that was just one really that I didn’t love.

      I’ve just read several King books since his earlier ones really freak me out, LOL. I’ve not been able to read any of those, hahaha! I’ve heard really good things about The Green Mile and loved the movie.

      I’ve heard so many good things about The Mothers, and most people keep telling me that A Little Life will be one that will devastate me.

      I typically don’t review all the books I read since I average 16-20 books read a month, so I’m not sure which ones of these I will review except for always my ARCS, but I hope to review at some of the others. 🙂


  6. Some great authors on your list – Stephen King, Diane Chamberlain, Riley Sager and more! It looks like you’re in for a wonderful summer of reading. Great that you were able to work in some books that count towards other challenges you’re taking part in too. Happy reading!

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    1. Yes, some fantastic authors! I’m looking forward to reading them all and have read one and am one book two now. I’m really glad I was able to work my other challenge in! It was a win-win! Thank you!!


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