Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals and Resolutions for 2018


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 but starting today its new home is at That Artsy Reader Girl! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday, but I really wanted to join in again as soon as I had the time, and today was a great day to chose since TTT has moved to its new home! I’ll miss all the great ladies at TB&TB, but I’m so glad Jana decided to continue hosting the TTT fun!

This weeks theme is your bookish goals or resolutions for 2018. Normally, I don’t really make any sort of bookish goals or resolutions for the year except for setting my Goodreads Challenge, which I’ve exceeded every year since I’ve made it since 2012. While I enjoy meeting that challenge, this year I decided I wanted to set some more goals for myself since I’ve felt myself falling into a bit of a reading slump since the holidays and a maybe a few resolutions will help me meet my goals. Hopefully, I can meet my goals and keep my resolutions…they should be easier than trying to stay away from chocolate! Ha!


Meet My Goodreads Challenge

I’ve set my challenge to read 150 books, and I’m pretty sure that I can meet it since I read 178 books in 2017. But you never know!


Read 10 Non-Fiction Books

I really enjoy non-fiction, especially memoirs, self-help and healing books, and have several on my TBR, but I neglected non-fiction last year. I’m going to try and read one a month, so I better get started this month!


Complete the 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge

My good friend Danielle @Books, Vertigo, and Tea got me interested in doing a reading challenge this year since I’ve never done one (other than the Goodreads, which I wasn’t counting). It sounds like a lot of fun, so I’ve decided to do the Popsugar Reading Challenge that Danielle is doing along with several other bloggers (if you haven’t joined the Goodreads Group Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews hosted by Chelsea @ The Suspense Is Thrilling Me and Sam @ Clues and Reviews  then you really should since they are not only participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge along with other group  members who want to but there are wonderful monthly book choices for group discussion and great group members! It’s a fun group!)

Anyway, my goal is to complete the challenge, including the advanced prompts, and I’ve already read 4 books so far and am currently reading 2 books toward it now.  The prompts are really interesting and fun, so that makes this a great challenge! Luckily, I am able to work in books that I’m teaching this semester to fit some of the prompts since they’re highly diverse so that kinda kills two birds with one stone!


To Read More Diverse Books and Books Outside My Comfort Zone

This is one that I think the Popsugar Challenge will help me do since I have to read a book set on another planet, and I would never purposely pick a book with that setting since sci-fi is not my thing. Also, a cyberpunk book, which I would have never thought to read. I’d already planned on reading more cultural diverse books, and I’ve got a list of books by diverse authors that I’m teaching for my new Interpreting Lit class this semester that I’ve not even read all of them, so it will be a new learning experience for me too! I felt stuck in a reading rut, so I hope this will help. This will be interesting since I usually read the same couple of genres all the time…I’m really excited about this one!


To Finish or Catch-up With Several Ongoing Series

I love book series and getting attached to the characters, but right now I have about 6 ongoing series that I’m behind on. I’ve got all the books in the series, so there’s no excuse not to have read them except I’ve just let them lag. I need to either get caught up with them or decide whether it’s a series that I’m just over…


Keep My Netgalley and Edelweiss ARC’s Under Control

Right now my Netgalley ratio is at 94%, and I’ve never let it fall below 80%, but I don’t want to go crazy asking for books when I don’t have time to review an ARC by a certain timetable. With my health fluctuating from good to bad days, I don’t know if I even want to read some days much less write a book review, so I don’t want to feel obligated when I’m feeling unhealthy. That just makes the reading and reviewing feel like a chore and when that happens, I feel miserable. So I’m only going to request 1 or 2 a month and only from authors or books that I feel confident that I will love.


Read More from My Personal TBR

When I last counted, I had between my Kindle, hardback books, and paperback books a total of 178 unread books. That’s crazy, especially since I just bought more books last week! So I plan on reading as many of them as I can this year. This is were the Popsugar Reading Challenge will be very helpful! I went ahead and filled in what books I plan to read for all 50 prompts and out of the 50, I will be able to use 39 of the books that I own to fulfill the prompts. That will help clear my TBR, and I plan to read at least 31 more of the ones that I own to get 70 cleared off by the end of the year!


Read More New Authors

In 2017, I read books by over 40 new authors, which was a wonderful new experience! I’d been stuck in an author rut for quite a while. Out of those, I’d love to reread about 30 of those authors. This year, my goal is to read at least books by 20 new to me authors since that was such a great experience! I’ve already read 4 of those this year, so I’m off to a good start!!


Learn the Art of the DNF!!

Okay, this is a SERIOUS problem for me! I need a DNF intervention…HELP!! I just don’t know how to DNF. I will read a book I hate to the end in the hopes that it gets better in the last chapter. Maybe I’m in a fantasy that it will be fantastic right at the end, and to be fair I have had books do a 360 at 50% or after and become wonderful books! But I just don’t have time to read awful books, especially when there are way too many wonderful books for me to read!! I’m going to set a goal that if I’m not completely engaged in the book by 40% then I’m done. Life is too short, and I want to spend time doing things I enjoy!


Reread Some of My Favorites

I reread some of my favorite gothic novels last fall when working on my dissertation, and that reminded me of how much I loved those books! Most were classics and some weren’t, but it was a wonderful reminder of how much I love some books. There are several that I want to reread this year-some from childhood that I plan to buddy read with my 7 1/2 year old daughter and some that I will read on my own for pure enjoyment so I can remind myself why I love reading so much! My goal is to reread 12 books this year.


What are your bookish goals and resolutions? I’d love to hear about them!! I hope all of you are having a wonderful New Year so far and 2018 is your best year ever!!

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50 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals and Resolutions for 2018

  1. I also find DNFing very difficult lol Just like you, I tend to stick to a book in the hopes of it getting better in the end, expecting some surprising twists and turns of events and end up not DNFing the book, feeling disappointed or underwhelmed. Let me know if you figure out the art of the DNF 😉 Hope you have a wonderful reading year in 2018!

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    1. I know, right!! I just hope and hope it will get better, and I have had books get better at around the 70% mark and be fantastic books! So it’s a dilemma! I’ll try to figure it out, lol!! Maybe we can help each other, lol! I hope you do too my friend!! 🙂

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  2. I am trying to figure out the art of DNF, too. As a Cybils judge last year I got really good at reading 50 pages or so and then setting a book aside that I didn’t think was a winner. But I usually finish book I start, no matter how much they torture me.

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    1. It’s so hard. I’m not sure how to do it, but I will have to figure it out! Just like you, I finish a book when I start it no matter how bad it is!! Maybe we can both figure out how to DNF! 🙂


    1. It is, which is why I think I’ve never been able to do it, lol! I’m going to actually have to force myself to DNF…once I do the 1st book, it will come easier I think! There is nothing worse than reading a bad book!!

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  3. Yep, DNF is one of my goals as well. I’ve decided if I get to 30-35% and I’m struggling then I am moving on. I’ve already had one this year..yikes!

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    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with the DNF goal! I’ve never done it, so that will be my hardest goal!! Uh oh!! That’s too bad! I’m going to just have to force myself to DNF!! I just don’t know how to handle it if it’s a NetGalley book…I guess just tell them I couldn’t get invested, but then I feel bad, lol. Ugh..this one will be hard!


  4. I’m a pro at DNFing, maybe too much but if I don’t feel a connection or a pull in some way by 15% I put it down. I tell myself I can always go back or if I know it’s not for me and it’s a net galley read I’ll provide honest feedback. Good luck on all your goals!

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    1. Yes, you said before you were! I thought about that the other day when I was thinking about how I need to DNF! I know we’ve talked about my DNF issue before, lol. If you DNF a NetGalley book, do you just tell them that you couldn’t get interested in it and why and how far you read? I think that is what I’m not sure how to handle. If it’s my own book then I know I can pick it back up years from now but with a NetGalley book, I feel that pressure of having it read and reviewed before publication, so I think I feel even more pressure to read it. Thank you! I hope I meet them all…especially this one! 🙂

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      1. Yes, if I can’t get into the book I provide that info and why in the feedback section of net galley. I still have books on my NG shelf from sept that I think I’ll get to at some point although I try to read and review most around pub dates. I’m usually past the date though most of the time

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      2. That’s really helpful to know, thanks!! I freak out if I’m not done with a book by the time it’s published and thought I would never get approved again if they weren’t reviewed by publication date. That takes some pressure off! I’ve only got 4 on my shelf, but still…Thanks again!!

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  5. Omg, my phone is being dumb. Now that I can finally like and comment on this, I am thrilled we are both doing Popsugar! I am not sure how many books I have completed, but sounds like we are on the same track. We also have a ton of similar goals for the year in terms of reading 😊 I am really looking to explore mt own shelves more and continue to add more diversity to my reading list. Have a wonderful week Steph! 💗

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    1. Haha, I hate when my phone is being dumb! Yes, I’m thrilled we both are too! I’m finally getting some read, but it does help that some of the books that I’m teaching this semester can fit into some of the prompts. In 2 weeks I’m teaching a play, so I’m reading it now and it will fit my play prompt! Win-win! We do have some similar goals, which I love! I definitely want to branch out with diversity, and the Interpreting Lit class that I’m teaching will help with that too since all the books are culturally diverse. I’ve been able to use most of the 9 books for the challenge! You too, Danielle!! ❤


      1. Haha, yes…one no one has ever heard of but it was one the university chose because of its cultural diversity since it is about a Jewish family and their faith and takes place in England. It’s called The Holy Rosenbergs. It’s very short, but interesting.


  6. I feel like I need more non-fiction in my life, too. I always seem to choose fiction over anything else, even though I enjoy biographies/memoirs, self-help, inspirational, and pop psychology books. A little more non-fiction in my reading life would definitely do me good 🙂

    Happy TTT!


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    1. I know for me it’s just easier to grab a fiction book…maybe for entertainment purposes? Or I want to read the next book that’s all the buzz. But nonfiction books are so great! I agree more of them in my life will do me good! I hope we both get to read more this year 😊 Happy TTT to you too! Thanks for sharing your link and stopping by!!


    1. Thanks! It is an interesting challenge; good luck with it! I had some trouble finding some of the books for the prompts, but I finally got them all found but they might change as they year goes on. Yeah, NetGalley is a tough one, lol! So many lovely books!! Thanks, you too! And thank you for sharing your TTT post!

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      1. Thanks Stephanie. Yeah some of the prompts are difficult one but the Goodreads group is so helpful in finding book. Last year I bought the books for various prompts in advance and ended up not reading many of them. So this year I haven’t made any list in advance. I am just reading a book and then matching it to the prompts 😃

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      2. Yes, I found myself searching Goodreads for help, lol!! I’m such a planner that I had to go ahead and pick out my books in advance or it would have driven me nuts, lol! At least I have a plan in mind and know for the most part where to put 39 of the books that I already own and need to read (before buying more!). The other 11 books I hope to get as ARCs or use the library, but we will see since it’s just January LOL!

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  7. my GR goal is also 150! although you sound like you have yours much more under control than me 😮 i want to do rereads and read more diverse books too – and also read more classics than i did last year!

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  8. Good luck with all your challenges, but especially no. 6 – it’s the killer for most of us, I think! So tempting to take all these ARCs but they do get in the way of reading all the other stuff we want to read. But so hard to resist… 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! It will be hard for sure! But so far I’ve been good and only requested 2 since November, so I hope to stick to it!! But!!! Once all the really good summer releases that I want start popping up then I’ll be in trouble 😂😉

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  9. Awesome goals, Stephanie! We have many in common. The Popsugar challenge looks hard. I’m just doing a few challenges this year and hope to get caught up.

    I agree on DNFing. I have serious issues with it! I need to get over it and no more ARC requesting until I get caught up. 😊

    Good luck with all your goals and challenges. It’s going to be a great year!
    Take care ❤💖❤

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    1. Thanks, Jenn! The Popsugar challenge isn’t as hard as it looks! I bet you have so many books that would meet the prompts; I was shocked that I already had 39/50 books for the prompts (actually more than that since there are multiple prompts that I’ve given myself 2-3 choices for). I’m hoping I will get the other 11 as gifts or be able to meet them with ARCs that I will get throughout the year. I hope you meet your challenges and get caught up! I’d like to really get caught up with my book reviews, but I haven’t gotten the chance or really wanted to write them since they still take such an enormous time to write-I think I spent 4 hrs on my last one, and it was not even that complicated! Just mind numbing.

      I think DNFing is a big issue, and here I was thinking I was the only one who really had trouble with it, lol! I’m glad that I’m in good company! I’ve got 3 ARCs to finish reading this month (or DNF) and review, 2 in Feb, 1 in March, and 1 in April then I will be caught up. I feel like that’s a ton, but it isn’t. It is though when I don’t feel like reading anything lately for more than 20-30 min at a time unless I’m forced to for work.

      Yes, it’s going to be a great year!! I’m ready for summer though as I’m sitting her watching it dump snow outside since 9 am this morning! We’ve got almost 6 in of snow, so that is HUGE for us LOL! We’ll be snowbound till April HAHAHA! Hugs!! ❤

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      1. Someone else said the same thing about it not being hard, but wow! I’m too afraid to take anything else on, haha. 🤣

        DNFing is such a huge issue! I think for me it’s because so many times I’ve wanted to DNF and the book changes and then I’m happy with it, lol. It seems unfair to rate if you don’t finish too, right? I don’t know…

        6 inches? WTH? I didn’t even think you guys got snow like that! That’s what we got last night, well a little less like 5. Wow! I bet the kids are so happy! 🤣😁

        I hope your getting to relax once in a while! I know your busy. Hope to catch up soon. I did end up getting my tests back, but will chat later about it. ❤💖❤

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      2. No, I can see that! You have a lot to do! The hardest thing was really just matching titles to prompts since I already had the books on the shelves or my kindle. I figured why not since I need to read them, lol. Maybe I’ll read them this way since I just keep buying more and more books, hahaha!

        That’s why I can’t DNF, lol! I’m so afraid it will end up being some amazing book and I’ll regret it. I’ve had it happen that the book be awful until around the end. I don’t think I would rate a book that I didn’t read. I would just remove it from my shelf and if it was an ARC just privately tell the publisher why I couldn’t read it. I would never publish a review for a DNF book.

        6 In was a lot! It’s all gone now since it was in the 60s today! But they were home 3 days, which drove me insane!! I kept trying to explain to them that THEY had snow days but that I did NOT have snow days since I teach online classes, so I still had to do lectures and grade assignments and be available to my 187 students just like a normal school day! I really got mad and threatened to go to a hotel and not come back, lol. Except I can’t drive in the snow and ice, so I was stuck here. So glad they are back at school tomorrow and it’s in the 50s and 60s this week since I got behind on grading while they were here. But yes, they loved it! And we do get this much about every 5-6 yrs, lol. In 2000 we got 24 inches, and I was like OMG!!! It was insane, hahaha. I was pregnant with my middle child, and I cried because I was worried I might need to go to the Dr or something (I was only 6 weeks though, lol). I’ve never seen so much snow.

        I’ll try to catch up with you later this week or…I have to take my middle one to have his 4 wisdom teeth cut out Tues, and Kayley is in a play on Thurs! It is crazy busy, but I want to hear about your tests and catch up! I get to relax a little bit around 11pm when everyone is finally asleep and I’m alone… 😉 ❤ Thinking about you!


  10. Great goals. I am also trying to keep my ARCs under control. I like your strategy of 1 or 2 books per month. I need to borrow that so that I can create more time for books on my TBR. All the best with these goals and happy reading.

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    1. Thank you, Diana! The ARC goal is a hard one because there are so many great books coming out soon, but so far I’ve been good! I’m hoping that I can continue with the strategy though since I really need to read the books that I already own, lol. It just gets crazy when you have so many books that you want to read! Life would be lovely if we could read all day 🙂 Thanks! You too!!

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