My Novel: Watching Glass Shatter – BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE

Hi all, I’m still on my blog hiatus, but I’m so excited about the blog tour that starts tomorrow, November 5th for Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney, otherwise known to many of us as Jay that I wanted to share with all my friends and followers his upcoming blog tour schedule!

Jay was one of my very first supporters and friends when I started my blog back in May, and I owe him tremendously! Now it’s my turn to support him and encourage him as his book goes on its 15-day blog tour!! So amazing that all this is happening for him!!

I hope all of you will join the upcoming tour as all these FABULOUS BLOGGERS introduce you to the Glass family and Jay’s book!!

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This Is My Truth Now

Watching Glass Shatter is going on an amazing blog tour thanks to 18 fantastic bloggers who will be participating in the coming weeks.

WGS banner

The schedule of blogs and other key information is listed in the banners below. Many thanks to everyone’s hard work, especially Nel @ Reactionary Tales and Noriko @ Diary of a Bookfiend for helping design and build these marketing materials.

On this blog tour, you will find in the coming weeks:

  • Several opportunities to win e-versions of the book via special GIVEAWAYS
  • In-depth interviews with the author about everything from the book to his personal life
  • ‘Watching Glass Shatter’ Book Reviews
  • Videos with the Author & Friends
  • Special news about the Glass family and future book releases

To purchase this novel, go to Amazon @

WGS sch banner.jpgSubscribe to the author’s mailing list to learn more information about the plans for 2018.

Click here to subscribe and win…

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11 thoughts on “My Novel: Watching Glass Shatter – BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE

  1. I have been getting so excited about the tour starting tomorrow, but you are just pushing me over the edge! Thank you so much for sharing this with all your followers, especially while you are on a short hiatus with everything going on in your world. I truly appreciate your energy, time and focus on me — when you deserve the break to accomplish your goals. I’m so glad we met earlier this year and can’t wait to see everything you’re going to accomplish in the next few months and years. Thank you for helping build our friendship, Stephanie!

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    1. I’m so thrilled for you, Jay! And you are more than welcome for me sharing this on my blog! It was definitely worth the time spent 😊 I just hope it helps even a little to promote your tour! You deserve so much! And thank you for your kind words! They mean so, so much right now with everything I’ve been focusing on! You’re a dear friend; so glad to have met you!

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  2. Hi, I realize you are on a break from blogging and might not see this any time soon, I do hope you feel better soon, but just wanted to say thank you for posting this-I too am excited for Jay! All the best wishes to you 🙂

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    1. Aww, thank you so much for the well wishes! I try to take a peek at my blog-and others when I’m feeling up to it! 😊 You’re very welcome! Jay is absolutely the best and deserves much success! How exciting for you to have been the 1st stop on the blog tour!! 🎈🎉😊

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    1. Thanks, Linda! 🙂 Jay is the best 🙂 It’s the least I can do for a friend! I would have loved to been able to do more if I weren’t on hiatus from the blog! I’ll definitely be writing a review though once I read his book 🙂 Thanks for the virtual coffee! Sending you some Starbucks love too!! A HUGE cup and a hug too! ❤

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