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This is a tag that I first saw months ago on my sweet, wonderful friend Mischenko’s blog at ReadRantRockandRoll, and I’ve been dying to do ever since! I’ve partially had drafted it since then but just hadn’t had the time to finish until now! But yay, I finally did it! I know a lot of you have done this one already, and I think it is a great way for other bloggers to really get to know each other!

But before I start with the questions, I want to say you really need to go check out Mischenko’s blog! She is one of my closest blogger friends and such a wonderful person!! I love talking to her about anything and everything both on and off the blogs, and I love seeing what new content she will post!! 🙂 I know I keep saying how amazing she is in, but it is true! She has a fantastic blog and is one of the sweetest people I know! You will be so happy that you checked her site out 🙂


Name:: Stephanie

Nicknames: Steph is what family and friends call me, Stevie but only to friends I went to university with for some reason..maybe after a night of karaoke; Babe and Sexy to my husband, and I guess that is it!

Birthday: February 20th

Star Sign: Pisces


Occupation: English Literature professor for 16 years as of this past August

Living In: NC


Hair color: Usually medium brown with natural gold and reddish highlights, but the sun has made it a little lighter and a little blonder. In a few weeks for fall, I will put some mahogany or chestnut in it since it has those reddish highlights in it to bring those out…it makes me feel all fallish (is that a thing??) when I do, lol.

Hair length: It was layered and way past my shoulders, but I got it cut into a “lob” for summer with bangs, so that was a bit of a change!! But it is growing back out.

Eye Color: Hazel; it is more greenish when I am angry for some strange reason.

Best Feature: My smile, I think, and my eyes.

Braces: Yes, when I was 11 until I was 16 because the orthodontist was evil!

Piercings:  Just my ears, but I rarely wear earrings because they kill my ears. It’s a super painful experience and not worth it unless I’m going somewhere ultra special.

Tattoos: No, but I keep saying that I want my kid’s names tattooed on me somewhere. I’ll eventually do it.

Right or Left: Right



Real Holiday: I’m not even sure what this means? Like one I can remember? Or living by myself? Will go with living on my own, I guess when I was 19 and moved into an apartment with my best friend when we were in college. We cooked that Christmas and invited both sets of our parents for dinner. We had a few mishaps (I dropped a pan of stuffing in a kitchen drawer, lol, and she made really, really lumpy gravy) but other than that, it turned out to be a fun, stuffing-free Christmas!!


Best Friend: My husband definitely for over two decades through thick and thin! And Beth has been my best friend since we started our freshman year of college together at UNC Chapel Hill in 1995…wow, 22 years!! We’ve been through everything together, even my last pregnancy when we were both pregnant at the same time! She had her daughter 4 months before I had mine, and the two girls have been BFF’s just like their mommas every since 🙂 If I ever needed anyone to get me out of jail, she’d be the one I’d call. She’s my person (Grey’s Anatomy reference there).

Award: I used to always get the Best Penmanship Award in elementary school, which is hysterical because now my handwriting is not terrible but is not the best; my best friend says that I have the handwriting of a serial killer, but I have no idea what that means or how the hell she knows! And I got awards for my grades from elementary through high school until I got class Valedictorian my senior year.

Funny story though…I have such extreme anxiety disorder that even though I was proud to get the honor of Valedictorian, I am terrified of public speaking in front of huge crowds and absolutely could not give my speech at graduation!! I was so petrified that I didn’t even attend and told them I was sick that day, which in a way I was because of my debilitating anxiety.  To this day, I have never picked up my high school diploma!! Good thing that I have never needed it in 22 years!

Throughout my still ongoing college career, I’ve received other academic awards but thankfully, I’ve never had to give a speech except in a Public Speaking class looong ago where I literally cried before every speech-I think she passed me because she felt sorry for me! And I’ve received several awards for academic/literary papers I’ve had to write for educational journals over the years as a professor.

Sport: I played soccer when I was around 5 until I was probably 8. I used to ride horses competitively when I was a teenager,  dressage and show jumping, and that kept me really, really busy that I had no time or real interest in any other sports. Now with my fibromyalgia and the herniated discs in my back, the only sports that I can really do that don’t physically hurt me or aggravate my symptoms are light yoga when I’m not in a flare-up and either swimming or some gentle water aerobics.

Concert: I don’t remember my 1st concert…probably some country something knowing my dad. But I went to my 1st Bon Jovi concert when I was 16 in March 1993 for the Keep the Faith Tour 🙂



TV Show(s): I’m not a huge TV person because I’d rather read, so these are the ones that I absolutely have to watch that are on now: Outlander, Poldark, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, This Is Us, Game of Thrones,  Ray Donovan, and American Gods, but they usually get DVRd first and then I binge watch the season except for Outlander and Poldark. I watch them the night they come on.



Color: Red and purple although I wear black and grey a lot too so I can mix and match outfits easily.

Songs: I don’t have a list of favorite songs really, but I love to just listen to playlists of my favorite artists….Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots, Prince, Michael Jackson, and so much more that there are way too many to name!

Restaurant: Oh, hard. Let’s go with cuisine instead…Italian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, and Mexican. And dessert! Does dessert count as a cuisine??

Shops: I hate shopping at the mall, but I am the QUEEN of online shopping!! Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Gap for clothes, shoes, and purses. Amazon and Barnes and Noble for books. And Sephora for my lipstick obsession, lol. Target for just about anything. Whole Foods for all kinds of yummy stuff to eat!

Books: Really?? That would take up lots of time and space. Absolutely anything by Karin Slaughter  even if she wrote the phone book ❤ ❤  Jane Green, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Richelle Mead, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Lisa Scottoline, Diane Chamberlain, Mary Kubica, Diana Gabaldon, Karen White, Janet Evanovich, Jodi Picoult,  David Baldacci, Lisa Gardner, and new favorites: Emily Carpenter, Wendy Walker, Erin Kelly, Riley Sager, Lisa Unger and many more…

Shoes:  I love shoes, shoes, glorious shoes!! In the summer, I love flip flops and sandals and could wear them all year long! At home, though I am always barefoot!


Book Genres: Psychological Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense, Historical Fiction, Some Contemporary and Some Chick-Lit depending on my mood!


Feeling: Happy to be spending the morning/afternoon before my daughter starts 2nd grade tomorrow just with her while her brothers are at work and her dad is out of town for the day. I love all the time I can get with her ❤ ❤

Single or Taken: Very much taken since high school! We’ve been together 24 years and married for 20.

Eating: Just had a banana and a bowl of oatmeal

Thinking About: The cookies that my daughter and I are going to make today as part of our special spending time together day! This is one of the first days we’ve had a full day to have mommy and me time since our mountain vacay the beginning of August, which was amazing by the way! And yummy cookies…who can resist those!


Watching: Nothing. Although I have about 26 episodes or more on my DVR that I need to watch and countless things on Netflix to catch up with, but I never seem to find the time. I think I just need to start watching one thing at a time before I get swamped when fall shows start!

Wearing: Still in my pj’s 🙂


Want Kids: Already have them…3: 2 boys: one who turned 17 yesterday and one who will be 19 in 2 weeks and a daughter who just turned 7 in June.

Want to Get Married: Already am for 20 1/2 years!

Want To Travel: Yes, I love to travel, but I have already traveled so much already so if I never did again, I would be okay with that. I’ve been to 22 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, and 24 US states including Hawaii. I still want to go to Australia, Asia, and Alaska though, as well a visit the rest of the US!



In Yourself: Most of the time, but I get days where I doubt things about myself and feel like things that I do aren’t good enough. This comes mostly from living with a chronic illness that causes me to be unable to do lots of the things that I used to be able to do because of either severe pain, exhaustion, fatigue, or the side effects of my medications. That leads to my feeling extreme guilt since my husband has to pick up the slack a lot or my dad and step-mom help quite a bit. Mostly, it is guilt because I’m unable to do a lot of the things as a mom with my daughter that I could with my sons when they were her age a decade ago. Thankfully, when I do feel like this, I have strong, loving people around me to build me back up again and remind me it isn’t my fault that I have a chronic illness and remind me to take care of myself and only do what I can when I can, and they love me no matter what.

God: Yes, very much so. My belief in God is often what gets me through the day.

Miracles: I very much do although maybe not in the Biblical sense. But my daughter is my miracle….I started to miscarry her at 11 weeks and was put on bedrest for a few days and that stopped it. But I went into early labor at 16 weeks and was put on full bedrest with the hopes she would hang on until she was developed enough to survive.  I went into early labor 6 more times until she was born full-term.That was a miracle!

But the real miracle was in her delivery…it turned out that her umbilical cord had never properly attached and was only hanging on by basically a blood vessel in what is called a Velamentous Cord Insertion, fancy right?! It’s one of the rarest complications occurring only in 1% of pregnancies! Generally, it results in stillbirth or a high rate of infant and maternal death. Miraculously, I’ve always been super fast in labor, and my labor with her lasted less than 30 min from start to finish, which is what my OB says saved both our lives since there was no undue stress during labor and she was delivered so quickly. So, yes, miracles happen in all different ways depending on your interpretation.

Love at first sight: I used to think so; I was convinced at age 16 that I fell in love with my husband “at first sight” but now that I’m no longer a teenager I know it was just instant attraction that quickly developed into love.


Ghosts: I think that there is some truth to spirits being in our world, I’m not sure how or why…

Aliens: Sure why not? This universe is much too vast for us to be all that is living in it.

Soul Mates: This is hard because I can’t imagine after 24 plus years of loving my husband of being with anyone else but him if something were to happen to him tomorrow. I genuinely feel like he is a part of every fiber of my being. If that is what a soul mate is, then yes, I do believe that they exist.

Heaven: Yes, most definitely although I’m not a religious person by any means anymore just someone who has a strong faith and belief in God.

Hell: Since I believe in heaven, then I definitely believe in hell although I don’t believe in the fire and brimstone hell from my youth. I know there is a hell, but I’m not the person to tell you what exactly it is.

Kissing on a first date: Of course!! 😉



I’m not tagging anyone since I wasn’t tagged, but I would love to see lots of people do it, so I can learn lots of things about all of you! If you do, please make sure you pingback to me so I can learn more about you 🙂







65 thoughts on “Tag: Get To Know Me Tag

  1. What fun to get to know you a little better. I love psychological thrillers, too, and enjoy many of the TV shows and authors you mentioned.

    I had a lot of “near misses” with my daughter during pregnancy, and then, finally, a lengthy labor followed by a C-section. She was also a miracle, and my only daughter after three sons.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. It was a fun thing to do!

      Pregnancy scares are the worst! I think my pregnancy with her was the scariest time in my life so far. I’m grateful every day she’s my miracle. I’m so glad your pregnancy with your daughter turned out well even with the complications!

      So many great authors and shows to love that I couldn’t think of them all 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend!


    1. It was really terrifying although I didn’t really know it at the time. The biggest scare up until that point was just going into labor every couple of weeks and having to go into labor and delivery for them to stop the contractions. My labor itself was perfectly normal, for me, anyway and my obstetrician didn’t tell us until hours later that we both could have died during delivery. She did show us the odd looking placenta during delivery but didn’t explain it. And it was crazy! All the labor and delivery nurses came by to visit me because they’d never had a patient with that type of cord before since it’s so rare…I’m an anomaly!! We just always figured with all the problems I went through just to get her to labor and then the crazy placenta thing, she must be here for a reason 😊She’s definitely a happy, healthy girl!!

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      1. Oh wow!! That is crazy and definitely a miracle!! I’m glad they didn’t tell you and your husband till after she was born, because I know I would have freaked out! I’m glad she’s happy and healthy after all that!

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      2. It’s definitely both!! They couldn’t tell us because they didn’t know until my placenta was delivered….gross I know!! That made us both upset though that they didn’t know since I was a high risk pregnancy and having ultrasounds every couple of weeks and no one caught the issue. But still, I’m glad I didn’t know since I was already freaking out about having daily contractions and going into labor every couple of weeks. All they could have done was schedule a c-section, and I’m glad I didn’t have one! But just glad they told us once the birth was over or I would have probably passed out lol. And thank you!! She’s my baby!! I love her so much it’s ridiculous ❤❤❤

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      3. Would a c-section have made it more dangerous? Daily contractions sounds awful though!! I don’t know too much about pregnancy, but I have a friend who should be giving birth any day now and I can feel her nerves! But she’s had a relatively troubleless pregnancy so I’m hoping all goes well!

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      4. No because the risk of a regular labor was it being normal..long lol. That would have caused the umbilical cord to tear away depriving her of oxygen until they could do an emergency c-section and likely have caused me to hemorrhage. But, my labor lasted 20 min from start to finish with less than 2 minutes of pushing, which usually can take hours, so she just didn’t undergo much stress at all. That’s what they said saved her life. And the fact that my water never broke with her…oddly, she was delivered with it intact. The Dr said if it had broken, it would have swept the cord down with it and dislodged it. So a lot of miracles going on!
        The contractions were a pain! I had to drink over 100 oz of water a day to help keep them under control, could only lie on my left side for 24 wks except to go to the bathroom or a Dr appt, and had to have weekly injections of progesterone which is proven to hold of preterm labor. She was determined to come lol. Then waited 3 days before her due date haha. All 3 of mine were either preterm or had me on bedrest but she was the longest for bedrest. It was 8 wks with my oldest and my middle son was born almost 7 wks earlier and had a 2 wk hospital stay. That was hard 😔 Every pregnancy is so different and I felt great with all 3..minus contractions haha. I hope your friend has a fantastic labor and delivery! 😍😊

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      5. Wow there were so many little details that ended up all going right! It’s crazy that if just one of those things had gone wrong (or with the water’s case, right) she might not have made it! Was the bedrest very difficult? I hope you had many books to help pass the time!!


      6. So many details!! It was just so carefully perfect how it worked out. I’m a big believer in God, so I’ve never doubted He wanted her, wants her here for a reason! ❤❤ Bedrest was terribly boring and so very lonely. It was 6 months of leaving the house maybe 2x a month, 1x definitely and otherwise just lying there. And it had to be on my left side since that somehow stops contractions. But my husband and friends were at work all day, boys at school. I have no siblings or family in the area except my parents and they were working full-time. I read a lot!! I tried daytime tv, but it was garbage lol. Though I did watch sappy romances a lot and my husband would come home, and I’d be crying over them and he’d freak out something was wrong, poor guy! ❤❤ But still, I missed people and conversation. The loneliness was the worst of all. When I was on bedrest with my oldest son, it was only 8 weeks and I remember thinking that was forever!! I thought I would die and took myself off it after 6 wks since I was 20 and knew it all. I still took it easy but was done lying down! He was fine, and didn’t come until 2 days before his due date. I think of that and how stupid I was not to be able to handle 8 wks compared to 24. Young people….

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      7. I’m a big believer in God as well and it sounds like He worked things in just the right way! It’s so amazing! 24 weeks of bedrest though, that sounds so tough. I’m glad your husband was supportive though! Did your other kids keep you company as well?

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      8. He sure did 🙂 It was tough but worth every day! They did, and they didn’t lol. They were 11 and 9 at the time, so of course were in school all day long, which thank God they weren’t younger, or I wouldn’t have known what to do! I was so glad they were both able to pretty much fend for themselves! My older one was helpful when I needed him, but he was more interested in hanging out with friends than mom, lol. He did hang out and watch movies with me though. My younger son was my baby since he’d been the baby for so long, and he and I are still extra close, so he spent lots of extra time with me. He was actually quite sweet. Since I couldn’t get up during the day, I was always starving by the time they got home from school after 3. After all, I couldn’t go stand in the kitchen and make lunch, lol. So he would every day come home and make me a grilled cheese or scrambled eggs, the only two things he could cook lol! I got so sick of both hahaha. But I never told him because it was so sweet. And he said he was trying to take care of his sister ❤ He was super jealous of her though lol. And they will still fight now haha. It's my older son that she is all over and is her "favorite"..kids!

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      9. Awww that’s adorable that your younger son would make you lunch! As for the older one, 11 is a tough age, just on the cusp of being a teenager, I remember being “too cool for family” at that age too, lol. It’s funny how the dynamics change when a younger sibling arrives…interestingly I was never jealous because I’m the oldest out of me and my two brothers and never really had a chance to be, and my younger brother was just happy to have a brother!

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      10. He still makes me grilled cheese! I’m not tired of them anymore lol 😀 My oldest is very close to me now, but he’s about to be 19 so talking with me about everything is really our thing. It’s fantastic. I guess he was never jealous of Connor but they are only 2 yrs apart and he didn’t care when Kayley was born because he was really excited to have a sister lol. He spoiled her crazy and took care of her a lot, which is why he’s the favorite brother 😍😂 Connor was jealous because he’d been the baby for 9, almost 10 yrs. He still gets upset because he says I spend more time with her. But he was so spoiled that I can’t blame him, I guess. Then they all 3 are crazy about each other, so it’s just funny ❤

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      11. Awww! Sounds like they’re a loving bunch. It’s funny the dynamics that develop between siblings! My youngest brother is definitely so spoiled by both me and my other brother, we could never say no to him.

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      12. They are, but they have their moments!! They are not perfect by any means towards each other or me! But it’s definitely funny! I’m an only child, so its been interesting to watch. Sounds like you’re a great big sister and both brothers are lucky, especially your younger one 😊💖

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  2. Oh my gosh, this is so detailed! I love it. You has to out Aiden and Sam in there, Ugh. Got stuck for a few minutes there. 🤣😉

    Thanks so much for all the kind things you said about me. I just about teared up. I feel the exact same way about you, Stephanie, and I mean that. I’m so lucky! 🙂

    I’m still amazed at all that we have in common, but you are a thousand percent more amazing! I’m so impressed. 16 year English Lit professor! 😍 The story about your daughter is most definitely a miracle. Thank goodness she was born okay. Wow.

    You really nailed this tag and I enjoyed it so much! 💖 Hope you don’t have too much work today and enjoy your Sunday! Hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Haha, Aiden and Sam made you so frazzled you couldn’t write for a minute!! 💕❤💕 I totally did it on purpose…😉

      I meant every word, and you’re welcome! If we feel the same way, then I say we’re blessed 🤗❤

      I know…we have so much in common lol! I don’t know if you saw that I commented over on JoAnn’s blog on your comment, but I’m an INFJ personality too like you both hahaha!! I died laughing about that since there are only 1% of them!

      I’m no more amazing than you, Jenn!! Oh my goodness! I admire you tremendously!! You have 5 kids you homeschool and do all these amazing things that I’d love to be able to do like garden, can your own food, and so much more!

      She is definitely my miracle 😍😍 I cannot imagine life without her. And here I was the entire time I was pregnant afraid of preterm labor when it was her umbilical cord implantation that was going to try and kill her, well us, if it could! So scary once it sunk in.

      It was a great tag!! I was able to make cookies and dinner with Kayley 😊 That was fun! Then it was extra early bed for back to school tomorrow! I just finished writing a 3000 word assignment and I’ve got papers to finish grading. But it was worth it since I slacked off most of the weekend for parties, etc!! Hope your weekend was fabulous! 🤗❤🤗

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      1. Exactly! 😍 Can’t wait for October…

        I messed up on my personality, it’s actually INTP-A/T on 16 personalities website, but I received INFJ from a different site before. Which site did you use? This is interesting…

        Aww, thanks for saying that you admire me! That amazes me, truly. ♡

        Somebody was surely watching out for you and your daughter! Wow, very scary…

        Hope you have a wonderful week! I may be taking a short hiatus from the blog to catch up on reading. I’m in a slump, lol.

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      2. Me either!! I need to start planning Halloween costumes! I’ve usually done that by now, so I’m slacking!

        Well, I learned my personality type in a college psych class, but every website that I use tells me that I’m an INFJ, so I must be haha. My oldest is taking college psych this semester and they just had to do their personalities, and this is the site he was given to use by his psych teacher http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp
        You shouldn’t be amazed that I admire you..I think most of us who know you on the blog do ❤ But the fact that it does only shows how humble and sincere you are 🙂
        They definitely were watching out for us! I'm just glad that I didn't know about her cord while on 24 weeks of bed rest or I would have freaked out even more than I already was. I was already having panic attacks all the time since I was having contractions almost every day and spent the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy dilated to 4cm. I was terrified to move.

        Thanks, you too! I've got a busy week ahead, but nothing new! It will only get busier as the semester gets going. A break is never a bad thing 🙂 It is good for the brain and soul. And more time to read is always good!! Let me know if you do 🙂 ❤ Have a good Monday!


    1. Deanna, thank you so much! I feel the same way about you 🤗❤

      Thank you! She truly is! 💗💗 The crazy thing is that I was having ultrasounds every couple of weeks since it was a high risk pregnancy and no one caught the issue with the umbilical cord implantation. I was so upset about that, but she just is fated to be here I think.

      I just finished writing a 3000 word assignment 😓 and grading 72 papers. All in a day’s work!! But it was great otherwise!! I’m hopefully going to get a chance to read tonight!! Hope your Sunday has been lovely too! ❤


  3. I’m the same with earrings- I have my ears pierced, but only ever wear them on special occasions now- it’s just a massive hassle otherwise. hehehehe I love that your friend said you have the “handwriting of a serial killer”- my handwriting is pretty abysmal- so I canot imagine what you would call it if yours isn’t terrible and has this moniker 😉 And I am *petrified* of public speaking (though last time I did it I ended up getting a bad case of the giggles halfway through- which I suppose was better than all times it’s made me cry 😉 I LOVE Poldark- I’ve recently started rewatching season 1 and it’s still so good. And yum cookies!! Wow that is an incredible miracle!! Love your answers to this!!

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    1. My ears just swell up! Too awful! Haha!! I don’t know why she says that about my handwriting. She’s crazy. Omg, I don’t think I could giggle but that is better than crying 🤣 I can’t wait for Poldark to return ❤❤ It’s definitely a miracle! 💗 And thanks 😊

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      1. I just have such awful anxiety that I don’t think I could giggle, lol. I have to take a valium the 1st couple days of a new school year before I can teach hahaha Otherwise I can’t get up in front of the class LOL Well, I make it easier by sitting on a still and sipping on coffee because my hands are shaking. But I usually have 30-60 students a class, which is way better than the 1000 that was going to be at my high school graduation OMG!! I think all my students think I’m stoned the 1st week 😀

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      2. hehe I understand- I’ve been there with anxiety- I just happened to remember something silly my mum said a few minutes in (and also realised that I was scaring my professor with my glares- cos I thought he was making me do it to spite me, when really he was lovely 😉 ). I just ended up laughing and shaking with adrenaline, after I’d been on the verge of tears 😉 My friends were very confused after cos it was admittedly quite a strange spectacle (and no it was not a good presentation lol 😉 ). Wow- all respect to you!! There were only 20 people in that class and I still managed to freak out about it 😉 hahahahaha

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      3. LOL, I’ve actually been terrified of some students, so I can understand you scaring your professor even though I can’t imagine it hahaha!! My god when I took Public Speaking I shook so hard it was like I was having convulsions, lol. There were about 60 people in that class too I think. Oh, back at university…jeez that was forever since I’m old, I would have cried if it had only been 20 people too, 🙂 I had to do a taped one once, and it was just my parents and 3 friends and I still shook like I was petrified. LOL Glad I’m not alone! 🙂

        I had to learn to get over it to teach or I would be out of a job lol. I student taught of course at first and that helped, but 16 yrs later and I’m still nervous!! Thank god this year I’m only teaching Distance Education classes, so all my classes are over the internet hahaha!! It’s like running a blog with 164 students. Although a lot harder since I have 164 assignments to grade all week, and they ALL want to email me all day long, and I do Skype or phone conferences every day and tutoring through Skype or over the phone. Plus, I have office hours on campus 2 days a week. But wow, its so nice not to get up in front of a classroom! I do my lectures online and they can either listen to them or do a PowerPoint depending on how they learn. Crazy how many people take online classes now. I have 12 people who are in their 50s and 60s in my classes, which is just awesome.

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      4. heheheehe 😉 Ah that’s terrifying!!! Although I’ve had to do taped things too- and I always mess up (one thing for a job had max 2 takes- I messed up both times, in different ways).

        haha fair enough! I have all respect to teachers- it’s such a tough job! haha oh wow!! That is amazing- to be honest if I ever decide to go back to uni I’d want to do it online, so I can see the appeal 😉 there’s a lot of upsides- it’s awesome that you upload your lectures now 🙂 That is brilliant! 😀


      5. Oh no!! That just is too bad! At least the thing I got to tape I had multiple attempts and took them until my dad was getting pissed off 😂He finally offered me money to hurry up after the 13th time lol.

        Ah, yeah, thanks! 😊 Definitely do them online if you ever go back! That’s how I’m taking my classes for my doctorate degree!! It’s harder than seated because your really teaching yourself a lot of the material and you have to be super strict with being organized so everything gets done when it’s assigned. But wow, even 5 years ago online classes were being offered and just only a handful of people took them, now we offer over a 100 courses online just in the Eng dept to meet the demand. It’s so convenient.

        Oh yeah!! Just voice though. I had some horror of some twit uploading me to YouTube in my pjs 😂

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      6. hahahaha that’s hilarious 😂😂😂

        Oh that’s awesome!! Yeah I get that- my degree in the UK was very much independent study based though, so it wouldn’t be very different (I think). Although organisation’s not my strong suit lol 😉 Oh gosh wow!! That’s amazing!!!

        hehehehe that’s hilarious- and it’s the best way to do it ;)😂😂

        Thank you for all the advice and info- it’s really useful to know all this!!


      7. Lol, my dad’s not the most patient of people haha!! I took the money when he threw in dinner 😂

        Yeah, it’s definitely the way to go. If you can stay off your book blog or stop surfing the internet like I have been today lol. Or I just woke up from a 2 hr nap 😂🤣 I’m usually the most organized person in the world, so idk what is wrong with me. Haha. I’m just in a mood. But I’ll stay awake all night to actually get stuff done….ugh.

        You’re welcome!! Glad I could help 😊

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    1. Hahaha! You are my new best friend!! ❤❤❤ I tell my hubby JBJ is my youngest son’s daddy all the time lol! Jon is gorgeous! I just saw them on tour this year and he’s still got it…💕❤💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I try to see him every time he comes to the area or in a 2 hr radius, so I’ve seen him 9 times. It’s a big deal in my house because when I know they touring, I freak out until I get the tickets. I never go to other concerts really, so those are my splurges, lol. And he doesn’t tour that often…or not yearly like some artists, so I tell my hubby that it’s my birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift when I do go, hahaha!

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  4. Love this post Stephanie! I was going to do a story post but I think I’ll save it for tomorrow and do this tag instead. What fun! That part about you calling off school so you couldn’t give a speech is priceless! And wow! you are so well travelled! I hope to up my travelling game up one day. You have a beautiful life and happy belated birthday to your son 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank, Nel!! You should! I would love to see you do it! It was great fun!
      I know; who skips their high school graduation because they can’t give a speech, lol!! I was so terrified though that I was throwing up. It was just not worth it. And I’m a bad mom..my oldest didn’t want to go to his graduation, so I didn’t make him go. Whatever. He had a huge party instead. My other son plans on going to his, so it’s all a matter of choice.
      My mom is the traveling queen, so I was very lucky, and I did a semester abroad while in college as part of an exchange, so that helped too. Eric and I are going to Italy next Spring for our wedding anniversary, so I am excited about that ❤ ❤ You will definitely get traveling in one day!!
      Aww, thank you 🙂 I do love my life and feel very blessed. And thanks!! He needs to stop having birthdays…next year he will be 18 (sob).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just did the tag so check it out at your leisure. What part of Italy?? I’ve only ever been to Florence but it was absolutely amazing! Zell, my husband, skipped his college graduation and hasn’t picked up his degree still! I keep telling him to but he doesn’t need it cause he doesn’t work in the automotive trade and doesn’t plan to but I’m like, it’s still nice to have! Haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We are going to Tuscany and Venice ❤ ❤ I feel bad though since he wanted to go to Ireland and I was all like Italy is for lovers…lol. I love Ireland and want to go back, I just wanted to go to Italy more haha. Florence is gorgeous! I'm a huge art lover thanks to my mom who is an artist, so I loved visiting there. I always said if I was a piece of art, I would want to live there, lol. How funny! I guess if he won't need it 🙂 Now my college degree(s) I have and I did attend both those ceremonies. I haven't decided whether I will attend the ceremony for my doctorate since the school is out of state and I will graduate while still teaching my spring semester…conflict!! But, hell yeah, they will be mailing me that degree and it will be going in a frame in my office!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahahaha you sound like my husband! I wanted Ireland and he was like Italy is more romantic. Too funny! Oh yes you definitely better get that one and frame it! You’ve earned it and then some!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. To be fair, I promised him Ireland for our 25th wedding anniversary although he wants it for his 45th birthday lol. Our 25th will be in 4 1/2 yrs and he will be 45 in 3 yrs, so he just wants to go sooner….

        Aww, thanks! 🙂


  5. Hair color: Usually medium brown with natural gold and reddish highlights, but the sun has made it a little lighter and a little blonder. In a few weeks for fall, I will put some mahogany or chestnut in it since it has those reddish highlights in it to bring those out…it makes me feel all fallish (is that a thing??) when I do, lol.

    THIS IS ME TOO hahaha

    Loved what you said about Karin Slaughter and the phone book lol

    Oh, and the birth and pregnant story was amazing..wow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, that is fantastic!! We are hair twins! I’ve already decided on chestnut for this fall. I was being a lazy bum and looking at hair color today. I swear I want to do more of purple but am terrified of looking like a plum haha

      Was that funny? Think KS would write the phone book because I would buy it, lol. It can go beside Will Trent ❤

      Aww, thank you! It was terrifying to know after the fact. I'm so glad I didn't realize anything was wrong with my placenta until after she was born since I was already freaking out just trying to stay pregnant. I keep saying she's her for a reason…if only to keep me sane! ❤


      1. I always want to go more redheaded than just adding reddish-brown or even going a dark auburn but am just not afraid it will be so such a change I’ll freak out. I went copper last fall and loved it but it seemed to shock my family, so I was like seriously…🙄 Redhead is good though!


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