Monthly Wrap Up- July 2017

July Recap

It’s really hard to believe that July is almost over since that means summer is halfway over! July was the month that I cut down on my blog posting although that seemed to increase last week a bit as I tried to get some last minute NetGalley and Edelweiss book reviews posted. I read quite a bit during the month, but still not as much as I had hoped or all the books that I had scheduled, but that’s okay since I’m at 102 books read for the year and only have 18 books left to meet my Goodreads Challenge of 120 books for 2017! I know I won’t meet that by the end of August, but I will definitely make it by the end of the year πŸ™‚

I’m still way behind on book reviews unless they are ARC reviews since I’ve caught up with those and have either posted those reviews or will shortly for any book that is upcoming for publication. It’s books that I have bought and read that I still need to review, and I will when I get a chance but since I have still been feeling rather awful most days with my fibromyalgia with some good days mixed in here and there, so those books have not been a priority to review. But I plan (hope) to get to all the books that I have read by the end of the year reviewed even if I write a series of mini-reviews.

Here are the books that I read in July. If I reviewed it, then there is a link (which is a lot fewer books reviewed than I read). πŸ™‚

  1. The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White Published 4/11/17 406 pgs 5 Stars
  2. Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica Published 6/27/17 331 pgs 4 Stars
  3. The Trespassers by Tana French Published 10/4/16 449 pgs 4.5 Stars
  4. The Goddesses by Swan Huntley Published 7/25/17 320 pgs 2.5 Stars
  5. Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker Expected Publication 8/8/17 320 pgs 5 Stars
  6. The Lost Wife by Anna Mansell Published 7/28/17 307 pgs 4 Stars
  7. Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich Published 6/20/17 320 pgs 4 Stars
  8. Cop Town by Karin Slaughter Published 6/24/24 416 pgs 4 Stars
  9. A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena Expected Publication 8/15/17 320 pgs 4 Stars
  10. Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell Published 5/18/17 416 pgs 4 Stars
  11. Last Breath (Good Daughter #0.5) by Karin Slaughter Published 7/11/17 176 pgs 4.5 Stars
  12. The Child by Fiona Barton Published 6/29/17 368 pgs 4 Stars
  13. The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter Expected Publication 8/8/17 528 pgs 5 Stars
  14. Girl in the Snow by Danya Kukafka Expected Publication 8/1/17 368 pgs 2 Stars
  15. The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15) by J.R. Ward Published 4/4/17 544 pgs 3.5 Stars
  16. Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin Expected Publication 8/22/17 320 pgs 3.5-4 Stars (review to come in August)
  17. I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen Expected Publication 8/15/17 336 pgs 4 Stars

Number of Books Read in July: 17

Total Number of Pages Read in July: 6245 pages

Number of Books Read This Year: 102

Since I go back to work and school in August, I really can’t make a “formal” TBR for the entire month of August. However, these are the books that I am reading now and the books that I plan to read between now and August 17th depending on my mood: I figure that I can read 9-10 books between now and then.

  1. The Last Letter to Your Letter by Jojo Moyes (currently reading)
  2. Anne Boleyn: A King’s Confession by Alison Weir (currently reading)
  3. The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory (currently reading ARC)
  4. Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda (currently reading ARC)
  5. The French Affair by Katie Fforde (to-read ARC)
  6. A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan (to-read ARC)
  7. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (to-read)
  8. Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong (to-read)
  9. Bring Her Home by David Bell (to-read)
  10. One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline (to-read)

So that is my July reading!! It was a really good month I thought, and I read a lot of fantastic books!! Happy August everyone, and Happy Reading!!


36 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up- July 2017

  1. I don’t sleep! πŸ˜‰ No, I’ve always been a fast reader. Twenty books a month is my norm during non-school months, so I’m slacking!! πŸ˜€ Depending on the book I can read it in 3 to 5 hrs. I started I Know a Secret last night a little before midnight and was finished by 3. It just has to keep me interested for me to be able to read it that fast and a lot of books this month were unputdownable. 😊


    1. Oh, good! I hope I get to it before classes start!! It’s lower on my list but I may have to move it up! Although I may not get as much reading done as I plan once I get to the mountains anyway, lol. But so glad you loved it!! 😊


  2. You had a bunch of 4 and 5 stars! yay! I so glad I didn’t accept the invite for The Girl in the Snow (I just had a feeling!) I didn’t think it was for me. Have a great back to school. I am not teaching this year (just going to sub 3 or 4 days a week)!

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    1. Lol, it was terrible!! I knew you wouldn’t like it 😊 You’re lucky! Although I’m cutting way back from teaching 3 seated classes and 2 online classes to only teaching 3 online classes…but that’s still 180 students! Until they see my syllabus and course policies on day 1 and all start withdrawing the first week, lol. I usually lose 25 students the 1st week because they think it’s going to be all fun and games….hahahaha!! Funny college sophomores! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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      1. Om gosh! I teach ESL Pre=Kindergarten so they are all crying for the first two weeks and hiding under the table! lol

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      2. Lol, I taught prek for a couple of years at a preschool part-time when I was an undergrad and I remember a few crying. It was mostly the 2 and 3 yr old bawling their eyes out and throwing up, lol. I don’t envy you.

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  3. You had an amazing month, and I see some of my favorites, not necessarily for July, like Every Last Lie and The Night the Lights Went Out. I read and loved Emma in the Night this month…and can’t wait to get The Good Daughter. I pre-ordered A Stranger in the House.

    Enjoy August!

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    1. The Good Daughter is one of the best books I’ve read all year! It’s easily on of my top 5 reads for the year if not the top, but I adore Karin Slaughter! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did πŸ˜€ A Stranger in the House was really good…it was predictable in spots but still good. My review for it goes up tomorrow 😊 Happy Reading!


    1. Thanks! They were really good books; I got really lucky this month! All but 4 of the books I read were by authors whose books I’d read in the past so for the most part, I knew I was going to like them πŸ™‚ I can’t take credit for the idea of adding up the page numbers. I know I saw that on several other blogs for their Monthly Wrap-Up posts last month, so I did it then and just did it again for July’s post πŸ™‚ It looks like I read a lot when you look at all the page numbers!!

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      1. I only read that many books because I’m off for the summer. Once I go back to work and school, I won’t be reading that many at all. The word count definitely looks good! Especially if you read some long books during the month πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m off for the summer, so I just read as much as I can 😊 And I have always read more than one book at a time for as long as I can remember. I just read a little of some at a time unless I get caught up in one and then I read it non-stop until it’s finished πŸ˜€

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  4. Stephanie I have fibromyalgia too! Completely understand the struggles, I have a ginormous back log of reviews but am getting on top of it with the mini reviews, the list is slowly going down πŸ˜… Well done on all your reading this year, I’m at about the same level, we can do this! πŸ’ͺ🏻

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    1. I’m sorry you have this too! I hope your doing ok. I’m in the middle of a flare up right now that’s limiting me considerably to what I can do. I’m in bed most days and just been put on new pain killers and medications that I’m not having an easy time with. I’m 40 but have had this for over 2 decades. It has only gotten worse with the flare ups, but I think a lot of that is stress πŸ˜• Especially the stress of heading back to work in 3 weeks even from home and starting classes again. It’s so much when you feel so bad. But I get a lot of reading done when I feel bad. That’s why I have such a backlog, lol. 😊 I’ll eventually get to them. Mini reviews seem to be the way to go! One step at a time…😊 We can do this πŸ€—

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      1. Yes we can! Bless you, I’m not having the greatest time at the moment but what can we do? I haven’t had it as long as you, almost seven years but it feels so much longer! It’s hard trying to work full time as well isn’t it? 😘

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      2. Sorry to hear you’re not having that great a time. That’s the worst feeling ever. I wish they’d find a cure. It’s very hard trying to work full time and I’m in school full time too completing my PhD in English Literature. But this semester I’m teaching from home and only doing online classes so hopefully, that will help so much! I’ll do what I can and leave what I can’t ❀❀


    1. I do! Usually I read about around 175 to 225 books a year but since I’m finishing up my PhD this year I doubt I will get that close! I’ve always read a lot as long as I could remember…it is the biggest reason why I became an English Literature professor, lol. 😊

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    1. I’ve just always been a fast reader; I generally can read a book in 3 to 5 hrs if I have no interruptions and I’m really into it. My mother is the same way and my son so maybe it’s genetic. I used to read a book a day during the summer the years before Kayley was born and the boys were about 12 and 10 and a little younger since they were more independent and didn’t need me to watch them all the time. Summer and winter break has always been my reading frenzy time,lol.

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      1. It’s just practice…habit. I loved to read as a child then it became a form of escape after my parent’s divorced. If you read Emma in the Night, you will get a very close idea of what my mother is like, and she is bipolar. I tried to escape/stay out of her way as much as humanely possible, so reading was my safety net. I could be anyone I wanted and go anywhere I chose to go. It was unhealthy for a bit I came to realize after counseling as an adult. But I had no one…so it was books. Reading fast meant more books and more books. I just trained myself to read fast….It’s good when you want to read 200 books a year, but not when you have a bad history behind it.

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  5. That is the most impressive TBR I’ve seen in a while, both quantity and quality wise. Because most of the books are those which I requested on NetGalley as well, or some of which I own or are in my TBR! Esp The Good Daughter! I soooooo waanttt it

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    1. Aww, thank you!! I read a lot in July 😊 They were definitely some great books! I started back to school in August, so I haven’t had a chance to read as much since, which is sad! We must have similar tastes in books then 😊 You definitely need to read The Good Daughter! Hands down the best book I’ve read all year! ❀

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