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I’m slowly getting around to answering my award tags since during the month of July, I was truly blessed with several different awards. I’m beyond honored to everyone who nominated me and for this specific award, I have to say a special thank you to two very special people who nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award 🙂

First, I was nominated by Heather @Dinosaurs, Donkeys, and MS. Heather is amazing! She has been living with MS for 2 years now, but she has a wonderful spirit! We have much in common and have been talking quite a bit about what it is like living with a chronic illness…she with MS and me with Fibromyalgia. Both diseases share many of the same symptoms, similar triggers that worsen the symptoms, and even have similar treatments that help lessen symptoms, so it has been so nice to talk with her about what we’ve each experienced with our respective chronic illnesses. Not only that, but Heather is also a teacher, so we have that in common!! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, then go do so now! You will find a lot of info about MS, living with all types of chronic illnesses, and her and Dizzy’s (her donkey) journey with MS.

Secondly, I was nominated by Lizzie @ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews for this very special award! Although Lizzie and I have not had much chance to chat yet, I do follow her blog and make sure that I check it out every single day. She is a very sweet person and has great content on her site. Besides her great book reviews,  she has beautiful Fanart she has drawn, links to her Instagram with even more Fanart, tags, awards, and really great discussion posts! Please check out her site and make sure to hit that follow button!!

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.’

Heather’s Three Questions for Her Nominees:

  1. What’s your biggest dream in life? I’ve been battling chronic illness for all of my adult life with either my fibromyalgia or one of my other lifelong, chronic autoimmune disorders so my biggest dream would be threefold: 1) for people with chronic, invisible illness to find acceptance with the rest of the world-yes, even if we look or seem healthy does not mean we are not sick or do not feel extreme physical pain almost every single day of our lives. Fighting a chronic disease is hard enough without people thinking it is made up, all in our heads, or can easily be cured by some treatment they saw online when there is NO CURE. 2) To really be able to make a difference in the lives in people with chronic illness; I’d love to be able to set up a foundation that is for all chronic illnesses, not just specific ones that provides ongoing monetary support, medical care, mental and emotional support, family support and more. 3) For a cure to be found for all chronic illnesses so sufferers can have their lives back instead of having some good days in between all their bad days or in many people’s case, no good days at all.
  2. What’s your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement in life is my three children. They are all three kind, compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, loving, and intelligent kids. I watch them every day and just marvel that they are actually mine and came from me. Or I just observe the little things they do and say and am so proud! I’m so proud of who they have grown up to be: my oldest, especially who will be 20 in Sept and is so adult and so independent…how did that happen? And I’m proud of who they are growing up to be: I watch my 17-year-old who will be 18 next month, about to be a senior in high school, and just marvel at how he is on the cusp between boy and man…(don’t tell him that) and think how amazing he is, or I observe my daughter at age 7 and how she experiences so much joy, wonder, and delight in the world around her and marvel at her sweetness and her love for everything. Sure, they are far from perfect but if something happened to me tomorrow, I would be content in the knowledge that they would be okay without me and would continue to grow up to be amazing, delightful adults who would be someone who I would want to know and call my friend.
  3. If you discovered a new species of dinosaur what would you call it? Oh, tricky! That would depend on whether it was a meat eater or a plant eater I think. Hmm, I’m not sure that I would want to discover a new species of carnivore because my luck it would eat me before I could name it! So, we will go with a nice herbivore named Princess Kachconasaurus. Isn’t that a handful?? The princess was my daughter’s idea and the rest came from blending parts of my kid’s names together….yeah, I’m kinda in love with those three!

Lizzie’s Three Questions for Her Nominees:

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? There are quite a few places! I really want to go to Australia since I’ve already been to most of Europe. That’s on the top of my list! My husband has this dream to do one of those Alaskan cruises, and he is not big on travel, so I’m going to say I want to go there too just to go with him anywhere. It looks like it is an amazingly beautiful trip, but I’m not sure about the cold! Then I would love to visit Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. I think that would be such a wonderful experience both culturally and aesthetically.
  2. If you could learn any skill instantly, what skill would you pick and why? Writing skill! Not that I can’t write, lol! But I always, always have the worst writer’s block unless I’m grading papers! Writing for me is a struggle at times; torture would be an even more apt description at certain times. I never struggled as an undergrad for my lit degree but once I hit grad school writer’s block hit hard.  So, if I could immediately have the writing skill where I had no writer’s block and could put the words that are swimming around in my head smoothly and directly down on paper then I would be one very grateful and less stressed out writer wanna be!
  3. What’s the last movie you saw? I’m horrible with watching movies and tv, lol. But I’m pretty sure that the last movie that I saw was the new Wonder Woman movie, which was fantastic if you haven’t seen it! And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen a movie since then or even turned on my tv, lol. Wow…I know…pathetic.

Here are my nominees:

And as always, if you have already done this award or don’t do awards then feel free not to do this one!! Just know that I was thinking of you when making my nominations and I think every one of you does such a wonderful job with your blogs 🙂

Delphine the Babbler

Stephanie’s Book Reviews

Danielle @The Introverted Book Nerd

Destiny@Howling Library

Naty’s Bookshelf

Lana’s Life in Words and Lyrics


Lunnah the Official Book Blog

My Questions

  1. What is the one non-bookish thing that you absolutely cannot live without?
  2. What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
  3. What are the top four things you most appreciate in your life?




58 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award #3 and #4

    1. Thank you very much 😊 And you are welcome! Wouldn’t that be a crazy,fun thing to find? I’m sure my daughter would like that, but I’d need a bigger backyard!


    1. They asked some great questions ❤ And they were really fun to answer. It was nice to be introspective but I’ve been in that mood lately 😊 Australia seems like an amazing place to visit! Minus the snakes and large bugs. Lol. 😁❤


    1. Oh yes! I definitel wanted to do the Unique tag😊 Thank you! I loved your questions!! I still need to answer your other comment! I meant to yesterday… I’m so sorry! I’ll do that today! It’s been an up and down week. I was at my neurologist on Tuesday, which I tell you about part of our talk in the other comment since it goes with what we were talking about over there, lol 😉But I’d had a migraine for days that wouldn’t go away even with my medication, so he had me come in and gave me an injection of toradol and that pretty much stopped the pain but because the pain was so intense and I have a history of daily migraines lasting without relief he gave me a prescription of toradol tablets to take over the next few days. The crazy thing is they are so strong I’ve been feeling better physically the past few days in a way I haven’t in awhile. It’s been awesome but the sad thing is I can’t take the meds more than a few days because they are so strong they can cause an ulcer. 😔 It was nice feeling almost normal though…I still had lots of aches and pains but not excruciating pain. Oh well, only 1 day left on them then back to square one! I was still so exhausted though. I’ve not been falling asleep until after 4. Last night it was 5:30. I think insomnia is just par for the course, pain or no pain. I’m going to start melatonin again tonight I think. So, I slept 6 hrs and I’m so ready for a nap again 😴😪 It’s 106 degrees here today! That’s with the humidity! I’m not going outside but I can still tell the humidity messes with my head and joints! Okay..how are you??? How long did the hot stone massage last?? Are you going to get another? I’m going to schedule one soon! Have you tried acupuncture? I’ve read it works for both MS and fibro but have been to skeptical to try, lol!! I’ll comment on your other comment soon!! I know you asked me some questions 😊 Be well! ❤

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      1. Is there nothing else they can give you instead? That wouldn’t cause nasty side effects longer term? Take the naps if you can get them. They do help so much! I hope the melatonin helps though. The no sleep thing is so frustrating. Because your there ready for sleep but no sleep. Woah, that’s really hot! It’s been hot here but not that bad. Have you been managing to keep cool at all? The hot stone massage was an hour. I will definitely get more of them but I start oxygen therapy on Monday so have just booked the first two weeks of those. You have to have 20 sessions in 4 weeks and then it’s only 1 every week or fortnight. I am meaning to try acupuncture. My auntie is an acupuncturist! I have heard really good things about it. Send me an email if it’s easier. 🙂 xx

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      2. He wants me to go to a pain clinic since he’s not comfortable prescribing pain medicine besides the things specific for fibro. This med he gave me is usually given only in the dr office or in the hospital right after surgery because of how strong it is which is why when they do give it as tablets it is for only a few days. It’s a NSAID, so it can cause ulcers and I have a history of ulcers which is one reason he was hesitant anyway, but I was in so much pain the benefits outweighed the risks. There are strong NSAIDs that would help more than taking nothing but that is one reason he wants me to see the pain clinic because of my stomach issues….I have autoimmune gastritis too which is related to my autoimmune thyroid, so I have little to no stomach acid to protect my stomach from medications (and some foods). They can give me an RX to coat my stomach that helps, and he did with this, but it counteracts my thyroid med from absorbing if I time it wrong, lol So, it’s a juggling act! The pain clinic can put me back on opiates which I did have an RX for when the pain was really bad but he doesn’t prescribe anymore…you know they crack down on that! But I can’t take too many of those anyway with the antiseizure meds I’m on for pain or the meds I’m on for my migraines, or I would be dizzy all day and sleepy all day, haha. Not a lot would get done then!!
        Oxygen therapy? I’ve heard of it but never known anyone to have it done. What will it do? That’s a lot over four weeks!
        You’ll have to get your auntie to do the acupuncture and tell me about it! My insurance pays for it, but I’m too afraid, lol.
        I totally forgot about the melatonin last night but took valerian which helped but I woke up after an hour, ugh! I think my sleep cycle is set after 4 weeks of it to fall asleep at 5 am. I’m going to have to retrain my sleep…
        How are you feeling today? 🙂
        I’ll have to look on your site for your email 🙂

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      3. What happens at the pain clinic? It’s all so complicated. I wish they just had medication and pain killers that did the same job but without the side effects! That would be perfect. 🙂
        I’m abit nervous as you have to sit in a little chamber and I do get abit claustrophobic if theres not an easy escape! It’s good for nearly everything because it helps all the cells in your body to heal.
        Feeling sleepy today but yesterday I actually had a day of feeling nearly normal. It was amazing! 🙂 Hows your day been?
        My email is dizzythedonkey@gmail.com xxx

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      4. It is all so complicated!! I went to a pain clinic 7 years ago after I herniated the 3rd disc in my back and the orthopedic dr wanted me to have spinal fusion surgery on 3 discs but my neuro disagreed but no one wanted to prescribe opiates or narcotics since they are addictive, lol. I guess they thought I was going to be a druggie. What they do there is take over all your chronic pain mgt and that is all they treat. Instead of treating the causes of my migraines or symptoms of my fibro, they won’t care about that. They will just want to know what my level of pain is, whether it is from my back, fibro, or wherever, and come up with a treatment plan. Because they are a pain clinic they will prescribe opiates freely and even have massage on site for pain (and acupuncture, lol). Most of their doctors are anesthesiologists who are trained in pain mgt, not regular drs, so that is different too. When I was in so much pain with my back before, I was prescribed a Fentanyl patch for pain (I made sure it was called that in England since I know drugs are called one thing here and another there, lol but I’m not sure if you know what it is. It’s a very, very strong narcotic similar to morphine). I was pain free! So I really hope the pain clinic can do something and not have me on a ton of meds but just one or 2 for pain.

        I would be nervous about the oxygen too since I don’t like doing CT Scans, but it sounds so worth it!! I hope it makes you feel wonderful!!
        That is great that you had an almost normal day! Those are the best! I had one of those today for the most part of the day and then I fizzled by the evening and took a nap, lol. Now I am wide awake at 3 am because I’m not sleepy since I napped at 9 pm!

        Oh, you asked me what Sjorgens is…it is an autoimmune disorder where the main symptoms are dry mouth and dry eyes all the time, but you also have Joint pain, swelling and stiffness, swollen glands, dry skin, a cough with no infection, and fatigue. I have every single symptom…the joint pain, stiffness, and fatigue can be blamed on fibro, the dry eyes maybe on my allergies but they can find no cause for the other symptoms. My dry mouth is so bad that my tongue burns constantly and feels like sand paper, and my dentist says I have no saliva at all. That causes me to get yeast infections in my mouth. I used to get them all the time, but my ear, nose, and throat dr finally gave me a prescription or oral yeast medicine to keep at home when I felt like I was getting one to go ahead and take. But they have tested me for Sjorgen’s and my Antinuclear antibodies test is negative and so are the other markers. My rheumatologist would diagnose me with it based on symptoms, but they need one of those blood tests to be positive. It’s so stupid. She did say that I could get a lip or tongue biopsy done to check for certain inflammatory cells, but I haven’t really wanted to do that! I might though. One day, lol. Autoimmune things are a pain…..

        Well, I am going to try and head to bed!! I guess your day is just starting or will be soon 🙂 I hope it goes well and you feel well! Thanks for the email!! Mine is readingforlife41@gmail.com! TTYL ❤

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    1. I should make the trips alphabetically, perhaps?Then I would be going from freezing to burning up, lol. Thank you! I’ve been in a rather introspective mood the past few weeks. It seems to be coming across in my thoughts and writing. Not a bad thing depending on where my contemplations lead. 😊

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    1. Thanks! They are lovely 90% of the time, lol. The rest of the time they are either just being mildly annoying to flat out pains in the butt, lol.🤣 But I love them to death ❤

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    1. You’re welcome for the tag! Well deserved!

      Thank you for saying that! Hopefully your writing struggles will go away soon! Maybe it’s a summer thing! I’ve always been like this with my writing though … it’s horribly annoying! Worse than annoying. I’m back in school finishing my PhD so of course I have essays and research papers coming out of everywhere. I will get so agitated that I have to write that I’ll have a nice cry every semester. It’s the fear of failure even though I have a 4.0 headed into my last year before I graduate next May that causes it. But my mom was so strict about my grades and me only having As that even though I’m 40, I’ve never been able to get over it. Crazy I know. And that carries over into everything pretty much. I know in my head what I want to say about a book review or whatever, but it can take me an entire day of non stop writing to get those words down. Or 2 days of writing some and finishing the next day. Then I rewrite. Rewrite again. Edit it. Publish it. Edit it. Update it. Edit it. I can’t stop editing, lol. Part of that is the English professor in me who likes the red pen to mark through student papers and make notes on how to improve lol! Now that’s when I have no problem with writing my thoughts down, which I think is because I feel in control…my area of expertise, my assignment, students, etc. Oh well! Maybe one day I’ll get over my mental block that causes me writer’s block! 😊

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      1. It is! I think it’s a bit OCD, lol. And you’re probably right. I’m too much of a perfectionist otherwise although I tell my students who freak out about grades a B won’t be the end of the world, lol. I need to take my own advice and just go with the flow 😀 Yes, thank goodness!I’m so ready to be done!

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  1. Aww thank you so much Stephanie for the nomination! Your post was so heartwarming and I will keep your condition in my prayers <3.
    According to your many book reviews, I'm pretty sure you need to change your skill answer because you're already a gifted writer!!! It takes some major talent to be able to write book reviews!
    I look forward to doing this in the next couple of days!!! 🙂

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  2. I’m really sorry to hear you’re suffering from that- I really hope it’s manageable for you and that your good days far outnumber the bad. I hope that one day you do get to set up that foundation. hahaha that’s a fantastic name for a dinosaur! Australia would be amazing to visit 😀 I really wanna see wonder woman!

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    1. Aww thanks!! You’re very sweet! It depends. I can have lots of good days or semi good days sprinkled bad but then when it flares up it can be so bad I can be stuck on the couch or in bed for up to a couple of weeks. I’d love to set up that foundation! I’d love to find that dinosaur,lol! It could be my pet 😂 Let’s go to Australia 😊 You really need to go see Wonder Woman!! So good!

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      1. Wonder Woman and King Arthur are the only movies I’ve seen and probably will see until next summer,lol. I really hope you get a chance to see WW! And thanks! You get used to the good and bad days for the most part 😊

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  3. I missed this post is the first time around but I’m glad I caught it now. And again I had to hit the follow button even though I know I’ve been following you for a long time. I don’t like when it unfollows people like that. Although I guess I could’ve accidentally hit the button but honestly it’s been happening so many times with so many people that I don’t think I hit it that many times. Anyhow, I am following you again but I usually check your blog so I caught most of your posts anyways.

    Isn’t it crazy when you see someone posting about their medical history and you can see yourself in so much of what they’re saying. I loved your answers to your questions about chronic pain/chronic illness etc. I also have Fibro as well as a few other issues that they haven’t pinned down yet. The pain is terrible but lack of sleep has to be the worst for me. I had a doctor say that if they could only help many Fibro patients to sleep would be ahead of the game.
    I thank God for blogging because I think it’s definitely helped me. Helps me feel productive. But it’s also something I can step away from for a while if I have to.

    I’m sorry that you are going through this terrible disease. It is hard with people not understanding and even close friends don’t always understand. They think they don’t show it sometimes but it comes across. Like you said just because somebody looks OK doesn’t mean they’re feeling OK.
    I really like the spoons analogy and have use that analogy many times when trying to explain to people just how much energy it can take to have a shower.

    Anyhow, this post is getting really long… sorry about that. I hope you see it. I hope you know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Sending lots of gentle hugs your way and wishes for less pain, good night sleep etc. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    1. Don’t worry about the unfollowing thing! 🙂 There is seriously something going on with WP I think!! So many of the blogs I follow either don’t show up in my Reader or if they do it’s not every day, so I have to hunt them down every day, which is so time-consuming. I’m not sure if anyone else has that issue.

      We had more in common than we knew!! Now I know why you aren’t sleeping! It’s just so horrible, isn’t it? Sleep is definitely one of the worst things! My Dr has said too that being able to sleep would help so much. Do you have a good night’s sleep and still wake up exhausted? I do, which is just horrible when you think you are going to wake up refreshed.

      The spoon analogy is a great one! I use it with my family a lot. It is extremely hard when people just don’t get it. It hurts when it is friends and family. And I have numerous other diagnosed autoimmune disorders, disc problems in my back, and chronic migraines so, at this point, I feel like they think I’m just a hypochondriac. I would never want to pretend I had these many problems, lol. I don’t need this kind of attention, lol.

      I’m sorry you are going through this too (HUGS). I don’t know how long you’ve had it, or I should say been diagnosed with it, but it is just awful. I’ve had symptoms since I was 14 but they thought it was because of a car accident I was in or I was making it up. Then it just got worse. I’ve been diagnosed and been undergoing treatment for over a decade. Not that I have found fibro medications really work or at least not very well 😦

      No worries about the long post, my blog has tons of long comments! 🙂 I’m actually going to write a discussion post about living with fibro and what it is since a lot of people have reached out to me about fibro since I 1st mentioned that I had it weeks ago when I was having a bad flare-up. I just need to write it, lol. It takes me so long to do anything lately.

      I’m thinking of you too! And wishing you all the best too! It may sound odd, but I’m glad not to be the only one. It’s nice to find people who understand. People say they do but they don’t unless they live with it. Wishing you all the same…gentle hugs, less pain, and a good night’s sleep (unless you are caught up reading a 5 star book again 😉 ) ❤ ❤


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