Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Books to Carry in Your Beach Bag!


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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are all having a beautiful day!

As I was brainstorming for ideas for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday,  I went back through the ladies at  The Broke and the Bookish archives for ideas. I decided for my Top Ten this week I wanted to make a list of my recommendations of The Top Ten Books to Carry in Your Beach Bag since summer and beach season are officially in full-swing until Labor Day.

I’m listing books that might be breezy but have enough substance thrown in to keep it interesting since when you are typically reading at the beach or by the pool you are less stressed and are more able to immerse yourself in the pleasures of reading! I’m also throwing in a couple of mystery/suspense novels in here that are not too heavy though since a day at the beach or the pool should be relaxing and all about soaking up the breezes, drinking a nice tropical drink or a cold glass of wine, and feeling the sun’s warmth and having absolutely no interruptions!


Here are my Top Ten Books to Carry in Your Beach Bag from 2017’s releases:



Number 1: The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green (June 6, 2017)

When I think of summer reads, I automatically think of Jane Green, and this is one of the most summery reads I’ve read so far this year. It has the right amount of substance to make it compelling, a wonderful cast of characters, and it is one of the best books that Jane Green has written in years! It’s a story about dysfunctional families and their relationships and how it’s never too late to make amends and rediscover the power of families.

Number 2: Every Little Lie by Mary Kubica (June 27, 2017)

I just finished this one last week, and I had to add it to my list! Kubica did it again with this outstanding thriller! It’s not too heavy that you feel weighed down by an overload of suspense or terror, but it is perfectly executed. It starts out with a nice, slow build up, and then BAM! The dual POV’s of husband, Nick who died in a car crash telling the story in the past leading right up to his death and his wife, Clara telling the story in the present as she tries to deal with his death while caring for a newborn, a 4 yr old and the certainty her husband was murdered is a tragic, unforgettable, and unputdownable story! You will not regret putting this gem in your beach bag!


Number 3: The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand (June 13, 2017)

Elin Hilderbrand is like Jane Green; her books are synonymous with summer reads. I guarantee that if you take a long look on almost every beach in the country, her books will be out in force. There is a reason for that. She is just that good at writing easy, breezy books. Her last few summer books have been, in my humble opinion, less than stellar, but she has returned with The Identicals! It has drama, lots of drama! Twins Harper and Tabitha are compelling, complex characters, and the plot is highly engaging.

Number 4: Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave (July 11, 2017)

I really enjoyed my first book by Laura Dave. It was a juicy, smart, fun read that was as light and refreshing as its cover. It’s not a fluffy little novel since it is still full of drama! Sunny, the heroine is flawed but extremely likable. It is a story about rediscovering yourself when you’ve not only lost everything but lost yourself along the way. It’s also a great commentary and how social media allows us to hide who we really are, but at what cost??


Number 5: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Tayor Jenkins Reid (June 13, 2017)

This is probably the lushest read of the summer and will make you feel like you are on a beach hobnobbing with the rich and famous somewhere in Hollywood’s heyday. So you better be sure to grab the fanciest drink you can find while reading it!! It tackles some deep subject matters head on, has a little bit of mystery, has a tragic love story, and will leave you either loving or hating…or both the main character, Evelyn like I did. It’s a perfect read for a summer day by the pool or sitting on the beach.

Number 6: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman (May 9, 2017)

You definitely need to make room in your beach bag for summer’s quirkiest character. Eleanor will make you laugh, shake your head, cry, and maybe even sob like I did when she discovers that life with no friends and living as a recluse is not fine. The friendship that unfolds in this book is just heartwarming and so is how it changes Eleanor’s life. A book that tackles mental illness but with humor and grace! Sign me up!


Number 7: The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White (April 11, 2017)

If you haven’t read Karen White yet, then you are truly missing out of some excellent story telling, and this might just be White at her finest to date. I loved this book since it was a bit of mystery, history, romance, murder, and contemporary fiction all rolled into one big ball of excellence! It delved deeply into some issues, so it is just weighty enough to make you think and reflect but not too much that you are overwhelmed. This was one book that I devoured in a couple of hours because it was just that excellent! Stick this in your beach bag for sure!

Number 8: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware (July 25, 2017)

Ruth Ware is quickly becoming one of my favorite mystery authors. She’s being hailed by critics as the Agatha Christie of our time, and I could not agree with that more after reading her latest book. It’s the perfect mystery as four best friends who perfected lying as a game come back together 15 years later to make sure that their biggest lie doesn’t destroy their lives. It’s a bit creepy, disturbing, very atmospheric, and full of twists! I could not put it down. Perfect for a quick read lounging by the pool or beach!


Number 9: Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich (June 20, 2017)

Janet Evanovich’s books are always a quick read, and her newest series Knight and Moon is quirky and fun. I finished this one last night, and I had to put it on my list! Emerson Knight is brilliant but very odd; he makes a perfect pair with the witty and sarcastic Riley Moon as they work together to solve what appears to be an unsolvable mystery of a vanishing island that just poof disappeared! Together the duo, along with Knight’s overly-eager cousin Vernon, embark on a crazy adventure that will leave you laughing at their misadventures! It’s a great read for a lazy afternoon.

Number 10: Beach House for Rent by Nancy Thayer (June 20, 2017)

Books by Nancy Thayer also signal summer time is here! There is nothing quite like reading about the South Carolina island and Thayer’s descriptions of the glorious ocean breeze, warm ocean waves, the salty air, and hot summer days! It makes you feel like you are right there with her characters in the beautiful Isle of Palms. This is a quick read, but it is a gripping read that deals with loss and grief in a very poignant way. You will fall in love with Cara and Heather as they experience life changes and become friends. A must read for the summer!

There are my Top Ten reads for summertime…easy, breezy reads that you can read in a day lounging by the pool or sitting on the beach! Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Books to Carry in Your Beach Bag!

    1. Thank you so much!! Evelyn Hugo is an amazing book!! But I love everything Taylor Jenkins Reid writes, lol. Though this is completely different that any of her other books, and it is just wonderful. Evelyn is so complex, the hidden love story is tragic and very relevant to today, and it’s written so well! I highly recommend it to anyone 🙂

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  1. Oooh, the Lying Game looks right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that. And Hello Sunshine also piques my interest. I don’t know if any of you read YA, but I’d recommend The Accident Season by Moira-Fowley-Doyle. A touch odd, a bit creepy, a lot of cool, but light and quick enough not to bog you down! Again, thanks for the recommendations!

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    1. You’re welcome for the recommendations! I really enjoyed The Lying Game. It’s a great mystery, and I think Ruth Ware is such a good author. Hello,Sunshine was unexpectedly good! I really enjoyed it so much! Thanks for the YA recommendation! I do enjoy reading them, but I never really know what to read, lol.


    1. I know! You just want them all!! I bought almost half of them because I knew I’d want them to keep or I just auto buy from the author anyway. But you definitely can go crazy on NetGalley! Two is always good! Enjoy the ones you pick 😊

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    1. Great! I know you liked Evelyn Hugo! Hilderbrand’s books are really good. This is definitely on of my favorites and one of her better ones. Most definitely perfect for the beach 🏖


    1. Thanks!! I’m kinda glad they are on hiatus so I can pick my on top ten for tues, lol. The Lying Game was good. A great mystery. Hello, Summer really surprised me! So good! And I did pick it because the cover, lol. ❤😀🏖


  2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is on my list! I plan to borrow a copy from a dear friend soon as she could not quit raving about it. It even drove her to post a book review on her blog (which she doesn’t normally do <3). The Ruth Ware title sounds good but I hesitate as I did not enjoy In a Dark, Dark Wood as well as I had hoped. Happy reading 🙂

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