Book Review: Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Book Title and Author: Exposed by Lisa Scottoline
Series: Rosato & DiNunzio #5
Publication date and Publisher: August 15, 2017 by St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
Pages: 352 pages
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Date Read: May 30, 2017


4 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis: 


Mary DiNunzio wants to represent her old friend Simon Pensiera, a sales rep who was wrongly fired by his company, but her partner Bennie Rosato represents the parent company. When she confronts Mary, explaining this is a conflict of interest, an epic battle of wills and legal strategy between the two ensues―ripping the law firm apart, forcing everyone to take sides and turning friend against friend.

Exposed is the 5th novel in the outstanding Rosato & DiNunzio series by Lisa Scottoline, and I think it may be her best yet!

My Review:

Exposed is the 5th novel in the outstanding Rosato & DiNunzio series by Lisa Scottoline, and I think it may be her best yet!

Mary DiNunzio is well-known to stand up for clients who are being wrongfully persecuted, and that is exactly what is happening to her childhood friend from the old neighborhood, Simon Pensiera who believes he has been wrongfully terminated by his employer, OpenSpace. Simon, along with Mary’s father and the “Tonys” from the neighborhood have arrived at her law office because they know that Mary is the only one who can help him since her loyalty is to her family…her friends and old neighborhood.

So of course, Mary takes the case, especially after Simon explains he believes the real reason for his termination was not decreased sales quotas  like he was told but because OpenSpace does not want to pay for increased insurance premiums due to the substantial medical costs for his young daughter Rachel who needs a very expensive  bone marrow transplant to treat her leukemia. However, after delving into the case, Mary discovers that Simon has been terminated for a much more disturbing and malevolent reason, and he is now the target of a dangerous cover up.

Yet, there is a major snag when Mary’s partner Bennie Rosato finds out Mary is representing Simon and planning to sue OpenSpace since OpenSpace is a subsidiary company of Dumbarton, a parent company Bennie not only represents, but that is owned by one of her oldest friends. Bennie tells Mary representing Simon is an ethical conflict, but the ethical and legal question of whether Mary can represent Simon is not as clear cut as Bennie thinks. What ensues is a battle of wills between the two partners that may force them to terminate their partnership and wreck havoc on their friendship.

The twists and turns in this book are Scottoline at her finest, and Mary is caught right in the middle of the turmoil as she tries, as she always does, to do the good and noble thing with her closest and dearest friends at her side helping her dig for the truth and risking their lives! Exposed is the perfect name for this novel and the secrets might be buried deep, but the truth is finally revealed after the twistiest thrill ride of suspense that Scottoline has written in a while! Trust me, you do not want to miss the ending….

If you love Scottoline’s legal thrillers, then you will love Exposed! Scottoline is, in my opinion, the master of the legal thriller genre, and I highly recommend this book!

**I want to thank NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and Lisa Scottoline for an ARC of Exposed to read in exchange for my fair and honest review!**


14 thoughts on “Book Review: Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

    1. Thanks Inge! It can be read as a standalone even though it does mention at times their history together but only briefly. Not enough that you can’t follow the story and enjoy it! 😊

      Scottoline’s been writing about these same characters since the mid90s and has another series with them called Rosato and Associates…maybe 11 books in the series before she started this series when Mary was made partner in the law firm. Some of my favorite books by her are in that series if you every want to try them!

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    1. They do!! They start with the series Rosato and Associates with the book Everywhere that Mary Went, which is one of my favorites! I read it when it was published in 1993, lol! And I’ve been a fan of her books since. There are 11 books in that series with Mary and Judy (the other associate) and Bennie Rosato. Then Mary becomes partner in the law firm and the new series starts Rosato and DiNunzio that this book is from 😊 I highly recommend her books!! And she has some awesome standalone books too!!

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    1. She is so good! I’ve been reading her books since her 1st book Everywhere that Mary Went was published in 1993. It’s one of my favorites and the start of the story of how Mary and Rosato met when Mary was just an associate in the law firm and not a partner…11 books in that series before this one and all great! I meet Scottoline about 15 years ago when I was in Philly, and she is the nicest person in the world! It was for a book signing; I wish I knew then I’d have a blog, lol. Still such a memorable experience! She was so down to earth!! I was 25 and terrified, lol but she was so sweet! Have fun meeting her 😊❤

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