Weekly Recap: July 3-July 9

Weekly Recap

Hi all,

How is everyone? I hope you have had a great weekend! Sorry for the late post but today is my hubby’s birthday and his sister and her kids have been over…she cooked and brought homemade cupcakes, so that made me really happy!!

Again, I want to thank all you of who checked in on me last week to see how I was feeling and getting along whether it was in the comments, via email, or Twitter! Thank all of you for being so wonderful! I love you guys and wish I could hug you, so here are lots of virtual hugs!!


This Week Off The Blog:

I’m definitely feeling much better from my procedure on June 30th; however, it has caused some other unwanted issues that I’m dealing with right now. A lot of you who I talk with quite frequently are aware that I have been living with the disorder fibromyalgia for close to two decades. For those who may not know what fibromyalgia is, it causes widespread chronic muscle, soft tissue, and nerve pain, muscle spasms, chronic and often debilitating fatigue, insomnia, chronic severe migraines, severe anxiety, and numbness and tingling in the arms, hands, legs, and feet. And that is just for starters!! But those are the symptoms that I live with pretty much on a daily basis. Sometimes the symptoms are mild and other times I have flare-ups so severe that I cannot get out of bed for days or weeks at a time. Generally, a fibro flare-up is caused by stress, illness, etc, so right now I’m in the middle of a bad but not the worst I’ve ever had fibro flare-up caused by stress and being sick, which has thrown me for a loop. My body is just rebelling at the moment and saying, “Oh no, you might be recovering, but we’re going to make you feel like you fell down a flight of stairs, then got run over by a car, are being shocked with electricity at random times, feel like you have the chills then are burning up, and no, you since you slept all this week, no more sleep for you!!”. Fibromyalgia is a cruel, evil beast and there is no cure for it, so I’m just going to let my body do its thing and rest since that is all I can do. There is certainly no point complaining about it since it is what it is, and I have certainly lived with it and all its lovely symptoms and side effects for this long!! But I did want all of you to know that on occasion my fibro may flare-up to the point where I might need to take a hiatus from my blog from time to time to rest and recover or I just might not be able to physically write due to its symptoms. To all of you who have listened to me talk about living with this invisible disease and understand what I’m going through and have been such a compassionate, caring ear and have just listened with love, I so appreciate you! That makes me feel so much better ❀ ❀ ❀

The good news is that I am taking myself off hiatus starting this upcoming week! Yay!! But I’m no longer going to be posting as much as I was, mainly this week because physically I just can’t right now with my fibro. And I had already decided 2 weeks ago that once I came back from hiatus that I would have a new posting schedule and it will be permanent.  With only 6 weeks left before I start back classes, both as a professor and as a student, and only 7 weeks before my kids return to school, I want to enjoy every last moment of our break together since August to May is just so busy for us, well for me, that I feel like I barely see my kids during those 9 months. So I want these last 6 weeks to be full of memories and family time. Also, some of my new scheduling changes will be dependent on my fibro (if I’m having a particularly difficult flare-up for instance).

I realized while taking a blog break that it only makes sense to start a more manageable blog schedule right now and start tweaking it since once I return to teaching in the fall and attending classes there will be no way that I will be able to post more than three times a week with the hectic schedule that I keep. Honestly, working on my doctorate degree is much more tiring and ambitious than teaching. Since I have been teaching 16 years now, it seems as natural as breathing anymore!  For my degree, I begin writing my doctoral thesis this semester (it’s between 300 and 400 pages), and it has a spring deadline…so the pressure is on for me to really bring my A game to my classes! I’ll be begging to blog instead of writing that… πŸ™‚

Okay, other than the news about my blog changes I have just been resting this week! I’ve been trying to read but seem to be in a slump or maybe it’s because I spent most of this week until Friday sleeping nonstop. The only two books I managed to read were Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica and The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White…both were excellent reads that I highly recommend!

Oh, and I finally left my house for the first time in a week yesterday to go to my parent’s for dinner to celebrate my hubby’s birthday.  It was great to get out of the house and spend time with my family. And there was more cake!!

This Week On The Blog:

Thanks to WordPress’s scheduler and my prewritten posts, I was able to have content posted again for the week, yay!! I participated in the Goodreads Monday meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners with my TBR showcase of The Child by Fiona Barton, the Top Ten Tuesday event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish: the Top Ten Book Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island, which was a really fun post to write!! 

I also participated in WWW Wednesday hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words, and the Throwback Thursday meme hosted by Renee @Its Book Talk with my book pick O’Juliet by Robin Maxwell! My book review for the week was Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave, a really fun book! And last but not least, I did the Desert Island Discs Blog Tag that I was tagged by Nel@Reactionary Tales! Thanks again, Nel!! That was also so much fun!

Next week on the blog, I will begin my new blog schedule, which is to post 3 times a week, 4 if I have the time and feel up to it. Thanks for hanging with me the past couple of weeks and now as I input my new changes! πŸ™‚

My Books Hauls for the Week: 

I bought one book this week from Amazon after reading the review for it by Renee@It’s Book Talk! You should check out her fantastic review! I’m impatiently waiting for the book to arrive on Tuesday!



I was good and requested nothing from Edelweiss, and I’m still waiting to hear back from NetGalley about 1 book that I requested late in the week, so that is it for my books for the week!

That’s it then! Thanks for listening to my ramblings this week!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a fantastic week!

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34 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: July 3-July 9

  1. I am so sorry to hear your painful symptoms… but I can understand the nerve pain because this is what I often surfer from too. In my case, I was diagnosed as having a prognosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Fortunately, I found it early on, so the symptoms are not so severe at this point, weekly medication seems to have staved off the symptoms. That said, I do have severe nerve pains on my wrist, on my arms and such. So, I can assume how painful what you’re going through.
    Hope you feel better and belated happy birthday to your husband ❀

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    1. See we are more alike!! The nerve pain is very similar! It’s the deep tissue muscle pain that really gets me because it’s all over. But I’m glad you understand because so many people don’t since they can’t see the pain. Thank you! I hope to feel better soon. I’ve adjusted my medicine and am on pain medicine. Rest really is the best thing. My husband says thank you!! 😊❀

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  2. So sorry about your pain. I completely understand. I have fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It can be tough and I hate to hear that you’re suffering. I’ll be thinking of you. (hugs)

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    1. Thanks, Kristin!! It’s certainly not easy living with fibro (and I have disc issues in my back from a severe car accident years ago that like to cause pain, yay!), so I can only imagine the pain of fibro and EDS. I will be thinking of you as well! If you ever need to talk, I’m here! Not many people understand what it is like at all 😦 ((Hugs))

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  3. Stephanie, I knew you had horrendous migraines, but I didn’t realize all of the other symptoms you have. I don’t know how you do it and teach and pursue your doctorate and have kids and oh the list goes on and on! You are amazing!

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    1. Aww, you are a sweetie!! Trust me, everything I’ve been doing is starting to take its toll, so I’m going to have to make some choices or my health will just worsen. The doctor made that clear to me last week when he told me I was under way too much stress.

      I’ve done a lot of my teaching online over the past 3 years, and that has helped tremendously to be able to stay in my pj’s all day and have all the lessons loaded online and be available via email as needed and certain office hours. I’ve put in a request to only teach 2 half days a week on campus or even not at all, and teach the rest or all of my classes online and my Dr has backed my request up with documentation citing my fibro as why, so we will see! I’m tenured, so they won’t let me go, and it is much cheaper for them to pay me for part time and get an adjunct professor to pick up the rest of the classes! Fingers crossed!

      I’m so close to finishing my doctorate that I don’t want to put that on the back burner! Maybe after I am done I will take a years sabbatical….but the kids and my health come first, so changes definitely have to be made!!

      I’m convinced after lots of research of people with fibro that my migraines are as bad as they are because I have fibro. It seems everyone who posts on boards about fibro has migraines or tension headaches. I think it just intensifies the pain since it is neuromuscular….lucky me!

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      1. I’m an English Literature professor so I teach Early British literature every semester and Contemporary literature. Alternative semesters I also teach Early American Lit. I’m finishing my PhD in English Literature, and I haven’t an official title yet but it’s basically analyzing and theorizing American and Southern Gothic Literature from the Dark Romantics…Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville to Henry James, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Conner, Sylvia Plath, to Toni Morrison, Stephan King and others. It’s a good thing I love gothic!!

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      2. That is fascinating! I love literature and read far too little of it. Hawthorne and King have strong Maine ties. Apparently, I am a direct descendent of the woman who inspired Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne. And Stephan King lives in Bangor and you see him around every once in a while. He about bowled me over once outside a Border’s. There, my exciting connections with your chosen lot. Talk about a stretch! I love your subject.


      3. I love it!! What awesome facts! I’d love to be connected to an author although my luck it would be some dud. I wonder if King was buying his own books, lol!! I don’t read him because he terrifies me, lol although I have 4 on my radar I’ve been told lately won’t freak me out. But he’s hysterical. I follow him on Twitter and he makes me laugh my butt off sometimes.

        Thanks! I love research, so that part I’ll enjoy. I’ll tank once I have to write it since I always have writer’s block hahaha. Should be interesting…

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      4. King was probably dropping off signed copies. I’ve been behind him in a restaurant where he was dropping a copy off for the proprietor. I’ve only read one of his books. The setting was a camp on a pond in Maine. I was reading it while I was at my camp on a pond in Maine. It hit a little too close to home. I will share one funny tidbit about King. I happened to have one of his English professors in college. His comment on King was: “he wasn’t a terribly good writer, but he had a good imagination.” hahaha…do you think?

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      5. OMG!! That is hysterical!! I’d say he has an excellent imagination, maybe too much of one!!

        Oh, yeah I couldn’t read his book in a setting like that! I’m going to read his book about JFK since I love all things JFK and Jackie. It’s not supposed to be horror!

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      6. I have a feeling King will find a way. I loved this: β€œTrump has blocked me from reading his tweets,” King wrote. β€œI may have to kill myself.” Later, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling assured the prolific writer that she would keep him abreast of the president’s missives.

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    1. Thanks, Laurel! It truly is a life changing disorder. I never thought when I was diagnosed with it that it would so profoundly change my life or limit things that I can do.

      I will certainly do all those things, thanks!! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. πŸ™‚


  4. Fibromyalgia sounds terrible, I’m so sorry you have to deal with it, but I admire the cheerful and positive attitude you always give off on your blog!! And while pursuing a doctorate! Cutting back on blogging is definitely understandable, and we’ll still be here if you need breaks ❀

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    1. Thanks, Steph!! It is terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Staying positive is the best thing I can do really since there is no cure. I’m learning that I have to take breaks, not push myself, and learn my limits. It’s not easy because I like to push myself, lol! But I just can’t….
      Thanks for such sweet words!! ❀

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  5. I admire you strength Stephanie! I knew a little bit about fibromyalgia, but had no idea it came with quite some many symptoms. Thank you for sharing and letting us into your world.
    Thinking of you 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Tina for your kind words! It is a truly horrible disorder. The last time I did research on some symptoms, I saw there were over 75 symptoms associated with it. It affects every part of your body which is the awful thing. And since I have other autoimmune disorders…autoimmune thyroid and an autoimmune stomach disorder, fibromyalgia acts as an autoimmune disorder as well and attacks your immune system. If there were a cure, it would be so much easier but there isn’t and most medications for treatment really don’t provide relief or only provide a small amount of relief.

      Oh, thank all of you for making me feel so comfortable that I can share my world and myself with you!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the good thoughts!!

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  6. I truly hope that the flare passes soon! I cannot imagine how painful it must be. Sending you all the love and glad to see you have decided to tweak the blog schedule. It just needs to happen or we find we don’t allow ourselves to rest. I have just decided to post my normal Sunday and Monday features and anything in between is a bonus 😘

    I did pick up Goodbye, Vitamin. Well added it to my BOTM box. So fingers crossed!

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    1. Thanks Danielle! Luckily, this is not the most painful one that I have ever had, so that’s a bonus!!

      Yeah, I have too much on my plate and have found that out the hard way since I’m so bad about not resting until I am forced or just collapse with exhaustion, so tweaking things was just a necessity. Many people with fibro end up on disability, and I have been fighting that the past couple of years even when I’ve been struggling just to get through the day.My husband has been on me for years to just do it, but I’m obstinate.
      But I have decided after talking with my husband and doctor that my work schedule is way too much, especially with school so it is time to ease back. I had a long talk with my boss last week and put requested to only work part time from now on and to hopefully only teach online classes from now one or only teach seated classes 2 days a week and not every day. She was very, very accommodating, but I have been there 16 years, we have an excellent relationship, and I am tenured, so she wants to be helpful. And to be honest more students are taking online classes now more than ever, so there is a need for more online professors. I have taught about 2 online classes every semester the past 3 years, and I really enjoy it…and I get to sit in my pjs all day, lol!! It works well when I am in pain since I can do everything from my bed since it is mostly answering emails, talking on the phone, etc and I only have to have office hours 2 days a week. Fingers are crossed that it all works out the best possible schedule since I have to put health and family first, which I know you more than most understand all too well!!

      I’m going to make sure to do my normal Thur Throwback Thur Feature with Renee and try to do 2 book reviews a week, anything else is as you said a bonus πŸ™‚

      I should get Goodbye, Vitamin in the mail tomorrow, so I’m excited! I have to wait to read it though since I have 5 ARCs to read. I think I can squeeze it in though since some of those are Oct releases, but I am trying to get them knocked out, lol! But yes, here is hoping it is good!!

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      1. I am so happy to hear you also have a great relationship with your employer. I was instructed to file for disability as well, but alas also obstinate πŸ˜‰ My employer has been over the top for accommodating and understanding. I am blessed to work remotely in my pjs as well. I am scheduled part time but am able work more when possible. Currently pushing 34 hours a week on a good one. So I cannot complain!

        I think your schedule should work nicely. And 3 posts a week is more than enough to keep followers engaged and offer variety ❀ I will not receive my copy of Goodbye, Vitamin for a week or so I assume. For some reason BOTM takes several weeks to get here. Not sure where they ship from ? Will be nice to trade thoughts though!

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      2. That’s great that you get to work from home! Understanding employers are the best! I enjoy the seated lecture but it takes so much out of you to get ready and be there at 8 am!!

        I will definitely do 3 days, sometimes 4. And today I have 2 posts because I had written one last week and scheduled it for today. I haven’t ordered anything from BOTM. Amazon Prime for everything,lol. Not sure when I’m going to read it! I’ve got so many books in front of it for review, lol. But we can definitely trade thoughts!! ❀❀


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