Weekly Recap: June 26-July 2 and Semi-Hiatus Announcement (Recovering from Surgery)

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying your Sunday!

I want to start by thanking all of you for the good wishes, the good vibes, and the get better soon messages that you have left me in either the comments or in a DM through Twitter 🙂 Thank you all so much for thinking of me!

I will still be on hiatus from the blog this week although I once again do have a few posts that were pre-written that are scheduled to post several days this upcoming week. And I hope to be able to have one book review written and posted by Friday. I’m trying very hard to follow orders and rest, which means staying off the computer and am still really very tired from Friday’s surgery (I have no idea how long that will last).

Once I get the all clear from my doctor for recovery, I will be back to blogging and posting although with my kids home on summer break it will still be a more of a laid back posting than my trying to post daily reviews, etc like I originally set out doing when I started my blog in May since summer is the only time I get to spend a lot of time with my kids since once August hits I work full-time teaching at the college, which most of the time means working 50 plus hour weeks, and then am also a full-time university doctorate student myself while all three of them are in school as well! So summer is our special time together, and our downtime too to relax before a new school year.

This Week Off The Blog:

As all of you know I have been on semi-hiatus this past week because I had pneumonia and needed to get better asap since I had my surgery scheduled for Friday. So I basically did nothing but read, watch kids shows with my daughter, read with her, play games, and sleep. The only good part was spending lots of time with my sweet daughter! Oh, well! I should get used to the doing nothing until I recover from my surgery. Oh, and my surgery went well since many of you asked, thanks! I hope to continue to have a smooth and speedy recovery!

This Week On The Blog:

Not a lot happened with my posting this week! I participated in the Goodreads Monday meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners with my TBR showcase of Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon, the Top Ten Tuesday event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish: my Top Ten Favorite Books Read So Far in 2017, WWW Wednesday hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words, and the Throwback Thursday meme hosted by Renee @Its Book Talk with my book pick The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty! And I managed to write one book review for See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt and a Monthly Wrap-up of the books I had read in June. I was also tagged in two tags but haven’t been able to do them yet: The Desert Island Discs Blog Tag by Nel@Reactionary Tales and by cwhiteweb in The Friends for Days Tag! Thank you both so much for the tags, which I will get to soon 🙂

The biggest news on my blog has to do with all of you: I still cannot believe that I reached 200 followers this week, and I want to thank all of you again!! You’re such a wonderful group of people, and I cannot say thank you enough, especially as I’ve been going through my medical problems.

My Books Hauls for the Week: 

I did ask for 2 NetGalley books and an Edelweiss book and received all 3 since I was just sitting around bored. And I bought 2 books, which wasn’t too bad considering that I had a lot of shopping time on my hands.

My Edelweiss Approval for the Week:

Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell Publication May 2, 2017


My NetGalley Approvals for the Week:

The Goddesses by Swan Huntley Expected Publication July 25, 2017

Since You’ve Been Gone by Anna Mansell Expected Publication July 28, 2017




These are the Books That I Bought Myself this Week:

The Child by Fiona Barton

The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes #1) by Anthony Horowitz



That’s it for this week’s recap! I hope you have a lovely weekend and week! I’ll be chatting with you this week in the comments so make sure to stop by 🙂




12 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: June 26-July 2 and Semi-Hiatus Announcement (Recovering from Surgery)

    1. Thanks! I’m in more pain now than I was Friday but they said that was normal, and I’m trying not to take the pain medicines as often since I don’t like feeling so loopy, but I may have to take them just to be comfortable or at least half the dose. I’ll probably heal quicker if I’m not in pain.

      The kids are sad I had surgery but loving that I am in bed so they have me to themselves. My boys are teenagers, so they’re really helpful when not at work or hanging out with friends. I’m lucky they like me enough to want to be with me and watch a movie, talk, or whatever 😊 My 7 yr old daughter is glued to my side, lol. So we’re reading and stuff, but I know she’ll be glad when I can swim with her and other stuff.

      I’m excited about the books! I’m hoping to get them read soon but I keep sleeping! Healing first….

      Have a great week! Thanks for sharing your updates 😊


  1. I read The Goddesses by Swan Huntley, because I enjoyed her first book so much. I need to post my review. I have to say it wasn’t what I expected! I’ll be back to check out your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is my first Swan Huntley book, and I’m not sure what I think yet, lol. She’s a good writer though, and I’m not that far into it yet to be honest since I’ve gotten engrossed in Tana French’s The Trespasser and just finished Mary Kubica’s Every Last Lie. I’ll pick it back up after I finish The Trespasser. I’m very curious to read your review now!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have it on Goodreads (Holly B) I need to post it to blog. Goddesses is a strange read! Maybe I’ll check out The Trespasser.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes< I saw it on Goodreads last night!! I'm almost afraid to finish the book, lol. Ana scares me….a lot!! You should check out The Trespasser! It's the first book that I have read my Tana French, but it is fantastic, which everyone kept telling me!! It is part of a series, number 6, and I bought it last year not realizing it and then I was afraid to read it out of order, but so many other bloggers said it was fine as a standalone, and they are right. I would never know the difference! I highly recommend it even though I'm not done haha!

        Liked by 1 person

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