Blog Update….

Hi, all!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s blog posts this week 🙂 So many great books out there that I need to read, especially after reading so many awesome reviews all week long!

Anyway, I wanted to stop by from my medically forced hiatus to say hello to all of you, wish you well, and to say that I am recovering nicely from pneumonia! Yay!

Sadly, I’m still going to be taking things relatively easy for awhile longer and will remain on semi-hiatus from my blog until a full recovery is made although I do plan on at least posting one full Book Review a week starting next week along with my regularly featured memes, etc. But since I am going into surgery today and although it is an outpatient procedure, I’ll need to really baby myself with my recovery since it is coming so close to being as sick as I was, and I admit that although the pneumonia is gone I still feel like sleeping all day and just too tired to move. It’s like being sick was an evil demon that took half my life force….

When I post my Weekly Recap on Sunday, I should know a little more about what is going on healthwise, and I will let all of you know if I have a better approximation of when I will be in full blogging mode! Thank you all for your patience with me as I have been sick and for hanging with me during all of this!! You all are the greatest blogging community ever!! I wholeheartedly thank you for all the well wishes, good vibes, and supportive thoughts I have received this week, not only while I was so sick but as you knew I was going into surgery today! It means the world, and I’m going to hold onto all your good vibes and wishes as I enter the operating room today!!


Oh….and, umm, as you can see, I broke my own hiatus rules and wrote a Book Review for See What I Have Done! I only wrote the one book review all week, so I think I did very well resting and not blogging as I promised! You cannot imagine how bored I have been, so I gave myself some leeway to write since I was such a good patient from Sunday until Thursday! Yay, me!

With that said, I did want to let you know if you leave comments today on my Book Review post or even this post and I don’t answer that I am not ignoring you at all! I’m just either at the hospital in surgery prep and don’t have my phone, having my procedure and fast asleep, or am all groggy waking up from the anesthesia and probably still don’t have my phone! My answers to you would probably be hysterical if I did try and comment coming out of anesthesia!! So, please, please, leave your comments since I love, love reading them and love talking with all of you! It would absolutely make my day if you did 🙂 It might be later Friday evening before I feel up to commenting, but it will likely be sometime on Saturday before I do! 

Thank you! I hope everyone has a glorious Friday and beginning to the holiday weekend!






53 thoughts on “Blog Update….

  1. Thank you for the update, Stephanie! How fast time flies and today is the day for your surgery!! I hope, hope everything goes well and wish you a quick recovery 🙂 Make sure that you get much needed rest and see you in your next post ❤

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    1. Thank you so much my dear!! I’m home and resting now! Right now I’m very, very tired from the anesthesia. And quite uncomfortable and a bit in pain, but I have pain medicine. I’m promise to get plenty of rest! ❤❤

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    1. Thank you Geybie!! I really appreciate you thinking of me today! I’m so happy to be home! Surgeries are not my favorite place! I’ll definitely take my time resting and recovering 😊 I’ve got three kids, especially my 7 year old, the youngest and bossiest who will make me if I don’t!! ❤

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    1. Thank you Taylor!! You are so sweet! 😊I’m definitely not going to rush anything since I don’t want to end up worse! And, yes, it’s been a crazy week with being sick! The surgery today has been scheduled for awhile…just my luck to get pneumonia right before it!! 😯

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    1. Me too!! I love talking to people! But, my hubby makes fun of me for making friends in the grocery store! I just love interaction and dialogue 😊❤ I was feeling better, but right now I feel all loopy from anesthesia and really uncomfortable, but I should start to feel better in a few days!! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, yay! ❤❤❤ And well wishes ❤❤

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    1. Ahhh! It took tremendous willpower last week ! I think I have 5…maybe 6 book reviews to write, and I wanted to write them so badly! But, I wanted to feel better most of all, so I could get this surgery out of the way!

      Thanks so much for your well wishes!! It went well, and I’m home now! I hope to recover quickly too! ❤😊

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    1. Thanks Steph! I’m home now and resting…well, I’m too loopy and tired from the anesthesia to do anything else, lol! I’ll definitely have to take it easy as I recover, but it is hard!! ❤❤

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    1. Thank you! It is definitely no fun; this was my 3rd bout with is since November, so I’m more than done with it!! Today is much rougher than yesterday was…they do say the day after surgery is since the pain meds from the anesthesia/surgery have worn off, so I’m feeling crappier, but I’m definitely resting!! I keep telling my husband that blog comments are restful since it’s no different than texting, lol!! I hope to be back to blogging soon! I miss it 🙂

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      1. That’s right, tell him that our comments to you are bringing healing energy! I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had this three times since November! And you had surgery as well? You poor dear! Today I am having a migraine of epic proportions and missing out on a family BBQ. You and shall rest in solidarity! Feel better sweetie.

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      2. The comments certainly are making me feel better! Thanks! Pneumonia seems to like me, but I hope this is the last time for a long, long time!

        The surgery following so closely to my having pneumonia was just bad luck and bad timing, but I seem to have that a lot, lol! I’m so, so sorry to hear about your migraine! I hate those! They are the worst ever. And I hate the people who say they are just a headache! then you have never, ever had a migraine, my friend! I get them several times a month and thank God for my prescription pain meds and prescription anti-nausea meds, or I would be crawling on the floor, But I have done that a time or too with a migraine! I really hope yours has gone by now, and I’m sending healing thoughts your way!!! I hate that you missed your family BBQ! 😦 I hope they saved you a lot of food! I did rest today (the painkillers gave me little choice at times), so we did rest in solidarity 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes! I hope to be up and at least on the go sooner rather than later!! I’m walking around, which is at least something!! That I’m definitely going to do, pain or not…no blood clots for me! Yikes!

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      3. I am glad to hear you got some rest, even if some of it was med-induced! You are so smart to be up and walking. Blood clots are scary things. Plus, it will make you get your strength back more quickly.

        Oh my goodness, you understand migraines! I read your description and I’m saying to myself “She has the same stuff I have!” I’ve done the crawling on the floor bit for real. If it wasn’t for Relpax I’d be in tough shape. I was in tough shape for years before I found it. As for the nausea, I don’t take the pills. I’ve found if I let nature take its course, I feel better sooner. Gross but whatever helps! Get some more rest my dear.

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      4. Definitely do not want a blood clot!! That would be the topping on the cake!!

        Oh, yes! I’ve had migraines for 28 yrs since I was 12!! I went through a god awful time about 10-11 yrs ago where I had chronic daily migraines for 2 1/2 yrs. I was desperate for pain relief and at my lowest point. Thankfully, I found an amazing neurologist who stopped loading me with tons of meds and actually looked for the root cause. Mine last about a week out of the month now, but that is under control to me! But oh yeah, I totally get you! I’ve crawled from the bed to the bathroom or couch to wherever, have had to spend days in a dark room with an ice pack. I do the anti nausea meds when I have to or just let nature take it’s course too….I feel better doing that! But my god, if I have a migraine and am nauseated and have to teach, I have to take the Zofran! Woah..I’ve passed out from the pain of a migraine while teaching once, which was bad enough but I’d rather not throw up in front of a class 😮 I used to take Maxalt but do the Imitrex injections now. Sometimes even that doesn’t do it. I’m glad I started taking daily migraine prevention medicine or I’d really be in trouble with having them all the time! I hope your feeling better!!!

        I’m off to try and rest now. I can tell I did too much today. All I want is a nap 😊

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      5. Have you ever tried Relpax? Imitrex worked for me somewhat, but when I tried Relpax it was like a miracle. Mine were nowhere near as bad as yours. I’d have two “sets” of them per month. 3 days at a time each. The awful thing was that when I’d get them it was almost always over a weekend. I have Zofran in my cupboard, too. I take if I’m behind on my anti-convulsants and can’t keep them down. If I miss one dose, I’m ok, but more than that is courting disaster. Sleep well my friend and feel better tomorrow.

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      6. Sorry for the late reply!! No, I have never tried Relpax. We do the Imitrex because it’s one of the only triptans available as an injection and a tablet and I’m prescribed both. If I’m hit with a severe migraine with aura where I feel like I’m going to black out, I immediately give myself an injection since it gets into the bloodstream faster.

        Mine are hormonally, so they will hit once a month a last 3 to 7 days in a row! Yippee! Definitely better than 30 days though 😉😀 Yuck!!That’s no fun for your weekend!! Mine seem to hit in the middle of the week. It’s annoying. I’m on a crazy high dose of Topamax to prevent my daily headaches, but then it makes me feel like I’m stupid at times, lol. I forget what I’m saying at times or words. It’s interesting! The meds we take sometimes give us worse side effects than we already had. Crazy! I’ve been resting all week and do feel some better! I’m getting there 😊😊

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      7. Ah, you’re taking what I call Dopamax. I was prescribed that as an anticonvulsant ant it was awful. I couldn’t think. My tongue went numb, I lost all sense of taste. It was horrid. Does the Topamax help with your headaches at all? I thought mine were hormonal, but I still have them after having a hysterectomy. Sigh… Hang in there and keep getting better. I’m sending healing thoughts and virtual hugs!

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      8. Haha! Absolutely! That is what I call it too! I had a few side effects when I started taking it, oh 9 years ago, but nothing too bad except for the occasional forgetfulness. But I know so many people who have stopped taking it because of the side effects. And I’m on 600 mg a day, which is extremely high for migraine prevention since the normal dosage to prevent migraines is 100 mg and around 200 mg/day max. We’ve just had to increase my dose gradually to keep them under control. I do have numbness and tingling in my arms and scalp at times, but we aren’t sure if it is related to the Topamax since it isn’t all of the time or if it is caused by my fibromylgia, since it seems to be especially bad when I’m about to have a really severe fibromyalgia flare-up. But oh yes, I don’t know what I would do without my Topamax. If I miss a dose (I take it morning and bedtime), I get blasted with a killer migraine that will last longer than a week and the Imitrex won’t touch. It’s only happened 2x because I learned the hard way, but both times I had to go into my neurlogists office for IV treatment for an intractable migraine that would not respond to treatment. Not fun!

        Ugh, that is too bad! I bet you so were wishing they would have gone away! I had all my three kids natural childbirth, and there are times that I would rather go through labor again than be in the middle of a migraine!! I feel for you!! At least you now have a migraine buddy! I actually have one that just started this evening…oh joy!

        Thanks! I’m feeling a little better every day…minus this! Thanks for the healing thoughts and the hugs!!! ((Hugs))

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      9. 600mg!!!!??? Oh my! You have migraines that are much more severe than mine. MUCH more severe. I’ve had a few that nothing would help, but not for days on end.

        It’s really nice to have you for a friend, even if migraines are one of our common issues. I wish I could teleport something that would magically make the headache you have now go away. 😦

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      10. It is a lot! See why I feel like I’m stupid at times, lol!! Oh, I’ve tried everything for mine. I’m just glad the Topamax gives me some respite because I don’t ever want to go through the pain I went through when I had them daily for 2 yrs. I was a wreck.

        I’m so glad we are friends too!! I love how I’ve met such wonderful people in the blogging community! I bet we have more in common than sucky migraines, lol!! Thank you that would be amazing! I woke up and it wasn’t as bad, but it’s still lingering just waiting to spring. I’m trying to outwit it by staying hydrated, using ice, using peppermint and lavender oil, etc so we’ll see! I’m actually leaving my house right now for the first time since last Friday to go have dinner at my dad’s house for my hubby’s birthday that’s tomorrow so hoping the company and good food distracts my brain, lol!!

        Hope your day is going well!! 🤗❤

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      11. I’m so glad you are getting out of the house. You will be amused at my first line fo defense for migraines. I tend to respond well to a combination of sugar, caffeine and salt. C’mon Pepsi and Cheetos, do your thing! The weird thing is that it almost always helps. Plus, if I have to revisit it, it’s not so awful. There’s a little TMI! Enjoy the dinner!

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      12. We had a great time! It was nice to get out that’s for sure!! And dinner was so good! My dad has a garden, so all the veggies my stepmom cooked were fresh. So yummy! The Green Giant can’t beat that…

        Lol, that’s awesome! I usually head straight for a huge coffee to head one off and if I time it right, it usually helps or makes it milder. I’m a Cheetoholic ..I will fight my kids for either the entire bag or the rest of the bag, so I’m going to try the Cheetos with my coffee next time. Wait, that sounds nasty, lol!!! Let’s change that to a Cherry Coke and yum,perfect! Maybe add a donut for some extra carbs. Donuts cure almost anything in my opinion! A little TMI never bothered me, lol. Better that than revisiting spaghetti…ugh!

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      13. I’m so glad you had a good time! Coffee is another go-to for me, but I drink it black so I don’t get the sugar that seems to help, though I have no idea why! Do Cheetos and iced coffee, that might be more palatable!

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      14. Oh we did, thanks!! My 7 yr old especially had a good time. She’s at that age where she’s grandma and grandpa’s girl, so she loves going over there and being spoiled!❤❤

        I drink my coffee black too! It was hot coffee with Cheetos that sounded yucky, but I can do iced coffee! You said the magic word! I make cold brew all the time and add ice, a splash of cream and vanilla syrup!! I was spending way too much money at Starbucks to buy a vanilla cream cold brew that I just started making them…all summer long, lol! I still might do the Cherry Coke…it is my favorite but I swore off soda and refuse to buy it since my teenagers were drinking it like water! But if buy some and stash them for “medicinal” purposes, then I will have an occasional treat…doctor ordered I will say, lol. Man, I’m starving for a snack now…🍩☕

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      15. I’m laughing here hearing your idea of stashing some soda for medicinal purposes. Like you, i used to drink soda and then I gave it up thinking it was just bad for me. I love Pepsi and when I found it helped taking the edge off my migraines I created a stash for that reason, too! I love cold brew, too. I usually get a couple of bottles of Trader Joe’s brand, but that store is a 100 miles away so I’ve been thinking of doing my own. I’ll have to look up the ratios. I’m currently drinking my favorite brew. Starbuck’s Sumatra. Mmmmm

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      16. Lol, that’s too funny that you do that! Medicinal soda seems a better stash than some things I guess. I’m going to stash the Cheetos too, but I don’t think they will last until my next headache. Just till my next snack attack.

        Oh wow, you should definitely make your cold brew! I bought a 2 quart mason jar from Amazon that is specifically to make cold brew! It comes with a washable filter and you just put the coffee in it, fill it with water, and let it brew 12-24 hrs! It’s so easy! And I love Sumatra brew- it and the Espresso roast are the only two I buy..I have to change it up on occasion, lol! My husband thinks they taste burnt, so bluh to him who thinks Folgers is the best coffee, hahaha!


      17. Too true! You’re welcome! I just looked up exactly what it is. It’s the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 2 Quart Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter. Hope that helps!!

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      18. Oh no! Sorry you woke up with one, but I’m glad it went away!! Funny, my migraine only lasted that day and part of the next. I’m not complaining!! I’ve been drinking a lot more caffeine the past week, so I think that might be why. I’m so tired of water…bad me!!

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