Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t, June 20, 2017


Top Ten Tuesday is a wonderful weekly event hosted by the wonderful blog The Broke and the Bookish where each week a different top ten list is featured! If you haven’t checked out their blog, I encourage you to head over there since it really is a fantastic site!

This week’s top ten list is The Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t.  This was a fun list to make because I do read quite a few series, but they are most often mysteries, crime fiction, or psychological thrillers. Yet, there are a few fantasy or young adult series that my college students have raved about and told me that I “absolutely must read” and “I would love” that I keep meaning to get to but just haven’t even though they are on my TBR list. Also, there are a several suspense, thriller, or crime series that I keep meaning to read, and I even own some or all of the books in a couple series or there are series that I have just heard of and really want to start but haven’t yet!

I’m going to list the Fantasy and Young Adult Series and then list my Suspense/Mystery/Psychological Thriller Series but in no particular order of desire to read them.

Number One: Tales from the Kingdom series by Sarah Pinborough 

There are three books in the series that are retellings of classic fairy tales! I’ve heard from students these are really good, so I’m hoping so since I love fairy tale retellings!


Number Two: The Great Library Series by Rachel Caine

There are 3 books so far in the series, and there will be five when it is finished. I posted Ink and Bone in my Goodreads Monday post yesterday since it has been on my TBR since it was published, and I own both it and the 2nd book in the series. I just need to find the time to read them!


Number Three: A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

There are currently 3 books in the series, but there will be 6 when Maas is done. So, I guess I better get started now to be caught up! I’ve heard so many good things about these from other bloggers and my students that I really do think I would enjoy them!


Number Four: Flawed Series by Cecelia Ahern


I absolutely adore Cecelia Ahern’s books; I’ve read everything that she has written except this series, so I need to get my hands on them! And soon! There are 2 books in the series.

Number Five: Shadow and Bone Series by Leigh Bardugo


I’ve heard really amazing things about this series of 3 books….one thing I’ve heard is that books 1 and 3 are better than book 2, so it is a series that I have definitely been meaning to read!

Number Six: Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey

There are 7 books in the series about Maeve Kerrigan, a young detective in London. This is a new to me series, but I have heard great things about it from Renee@It’sBookTalk, so I definitely want to read it!


Number Seven: Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King

I don’t often if ever read Stephen King because horror freaks me out, but these are apparently not the level of horror that will leave me screaming and hiding in my closet like The Shining and are more along the lines of the detective and psychological thrillers that I love to read! I own all three book so have no excuse to not read them!


Number Eight: The Cotton Malone Series by Steve Berry


There are 12 primary works in the series and 3 novellas. I have read the first book in the series The Templar Legacy, and I really enjoyed it since it was a mixture of mystery and history, both of which are my favorite genres. So, I went ahead at the time and bought the other books in the series up to The Jefferson Key, which is book 7 and keep meaning to read them but for some reason, I just haven’t. I really should!

Number Nine: Detective Erika Foster Series by Robert Bryndza


There are 4 books in the series, and I have the 1st book, so again, there is no excuse not to start it! It looks like a wonderful series!

Number Ten: You Series by Caroline Kepnes 


There are two books in this thriller/suspense series, and they both sound like they fit the description of my perfect book…twisted and gripping! I need to read these!

Okay, that is my Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t! Is there a great series for either genre that I left out? Has anyone read any of these and loved them? Hated them? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂



16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t, June 20, 2017

    1. You persuaded me to give the Stephen King series a try too since it’s not going to make me scream and have nightmares, lol! You can be sure that I won’t be going to see It this summer, lol!! I’m pretty sure that I will read all the thriller and suspense series on my list at some point 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it’s not going to make you scream but I can’t guarantee Brady the psychopath won’t give you nightmares😳He’s truly disturbed but in a oh I can’t stop reading to find out what he does next type of way:)


    1. Definitely too many books to read! Or I guess not enough time to read all the wonderful books!! Oh, I felt ridiculous that I owned at least 3 of the series I wanted to read but hadn’t! I’m just going to have to stop buying new books, lol!


    1. I really hope they are all good! I don’t know anything about any of those really except what I’ve read or heard! I did break down and buy all 3 ACOTAR books yesterday, so I’ll just have to find time to read them!! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed them. 😀


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