Let’s Chit-chat… A Weekly Recap: Jun 11-18, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads everywhere!!

I hope all of you are enjoying this lovely weekend! I’m super excited to be celebrating Father’s Day with my hubby this year since he usually works or travels out of town on Sunday, and my daddy is with us here at the beach house this weekend since he and my step-mom (along with two of my aunts and uncles several cousins, and family friends came down to help celebrate my daughter’s birthday yesterday!) I’m thrilled to be basically having another party again this afternoon since we are grilling an assortment of things on the grill right as I type this (well, I’m not grilling but hubby is since I’m hopeless with a grill): we’re having steaks, salmon in a bourbon glaze, and BBQ Chicken. And, I’ve already made a blueberry peach cobbler and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert….I’m drooling already! Plus, we have a loaded table of sides!

I hope you already have had or have lovely plans for Father’s Day!! 🙂

So, I planned to do my Weekly Recap feature on Saturday but Friday and Saturday were just so busy this week that I didn’t get a chance to write it, and now I think I’m going to play it by ear and see which day works best for me! Tweaking my newish blog is a learning experience and fun! Thank you to all you who have been so helpful the past month and two weeks since I’ve started this blogging journey! It seems like it has been longer…


This week off the blog:

It was pretty eventful even though I’m vacationing.  The weather has been gorgeous except for a few rain showers and one day that was a complete washout with storms, but I used that day to read all day! Yay! The water is still pretty chilly, so I’ve only dipped in a toe or two and have been content to sit under my beach umbrella in a chair and read or write a little bit on my blog although I have definitely enjoyed the gorgeous beach view!


When not sitting at the beach, I’ve been hanging out in one of my most favorite spots at the beach house since I was a little girl and reading (when I can anyway, and it’s not being occupied by one my children, lol). Pawleys Island is famous for its amazing hammocks; they are considered the template that all other American hammocks are based on, and they are majorly comfortable. So, I love to relax in the hammock in the front/side of my yard and read or sleep.



Yesterday my baby girl turned 7, and we had a wonderful party for her! It was great that some local family and a few friends were able to drive down for a few days, or in my parent’s case the rest of the week while we are still here, to celebrate her big day! She wanted a Wonder Woman themed party, which I was excited about since I used to pretend to be Wonder Woman. So, we had a Wonder Woman cake and 24 WW cupcakes, whew! I’m still tired from all the baking! I did have pictures of everything but realized that she is in every shot, or I would share them… 😦 Overprotective mom and social media even though I love all my followers 🙂 Being a public blog though, you just want to protect your babies!

So, that was my week off the blog! One more week until reality kicks back in!!

This Week on the Blog:

I want to again say thank you so much to everyone who has followed my blog this week and those of you who are still following!! I’m overwhelmed that the number of followers I gained this week is double the amount from last week! You all are so amazing, and I feel such gratitude!! It just makes my heart so happy when someone wants to follow my blog and has found something on my site engaging enough that they want to read it! Getting to know all of you in the community who love books as much as I do makes this so much fun and so worthwhile! Thank you again!

I feel like I’ve been a slacker this week on the blog, but I guess I really shouldn’t since I’ve posted something almost every day, but I think I’ve just been driving myself crazy that I didn’t do a couple of the book reviews I had planned since I’m a die hard scheduler!  Oh well!! It’s my vacation where I keep being told to “relax, relax, relax” until the 25th, so I guess it is time to relax and spend time with my family, even if that means one or two missing book reviews! You definitely can’t remake memories, but I can write the book reviews as I get a chance 🙂

Let’s see, I participated in the Goodreads Monday meme hosted by Laurens Page Turners, the Top Ten Tuesday event hosted by The Broke and Bookish, WWW Wednesday hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words, and the Throwback Thursday meme hosted by Renee @Its Book Talk. I wrote two full book reviews even though I was hoping to write three 🙂

I was also awarded several awards this week, and I am so flattered and honored that my fellow bloggers thought enough of me to bestow these awards on me! You all have no idea how much it means to me to be thought of by you when you are choosing the nominees for your awards and tags! I was chosen for The Real Neat Blog Award by Jo at Inspiration Pie!   Thanks again, Jo!  Kate @ MeltingPotsandOtherCalamities and Jay@ThisIsMyTruthNow  awarded me The Entertainer Blogger Award! Thank you so much you two 🙂 Jay actually awarded me another award yesterday, The Sunshine Blogger Award # 2, but I haven’t had a chance to answer the questions yet and post it, but I promise to get to it soon…thanks, Jay :)!  I was also awarded yesterday The Liebster Award by Norin@Diary of a Bookfiend! Thank you so much Norin; I’ll be sure to do the award as soon as I get a chance!

Oh, and last night I finally answered The Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag that  Jay@ThisIsMyTruthNow tagged me in over a week ago! That was a very fun tag, and I really enjoyed doing it, so thank you again Jay 🙂 I’m including the links to all my posts from this past week below in case anyone missed any of them!

This week’s posts (6/11-6/17):

Real Neat Blog Award

Book Review: The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

Goodreads Monday: Undead and Unforgiven by MaryJanice Davidson

Top Ten Tuesday: Salute to Father’s Day

WWW Wednesday! June 14, 2017

Throwback Thursday Book Pick: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Book Review: The Salt House by Lisa Duffy

The Entertainer Blogger Award

The Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

My Books Hauls for the Week: 

I was actually really good this week; I didn’t request anything new from NetGalley or Edelweiss, but I did get two approvals from Edelweiss that had been pending. And I was really good and only bought 2 books-one for my Kindle and one audio book.

My Edelweiss Approval for the week:

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter Expected Publication August 22, 2017


An American Marriage by Tayari Jones Expected Publication February 6, 2018


These are the Books That I Bought Myself this Week:

The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka (audiobook)


It Happens In the Hamptons by Holly Peterson (Kindle)



Okay, everyone! Thank you so much for dropping by on this lovely Sunday afternoon! I would love to chat with you in the comments below 🙂 ! That’s it for this week’s recap! I hope you are having a lovely weekend,  and I hope all of you enjoy the upcoming week!





16 thoughts on “Let’s Chit-chat… A Weekly Recap: Jun 11-18, 2017

  1. Fabulous pics! I can tell you’ve been enjoying your vacation to the fullest! I’m so jealous that you get to read in the hammock; I have never done that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The hammock is the best! I used to be afraid of it when I was little because I was sure that I would flip out, lol! Now I could sleep in it all night, and I have been known to fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the middle of the night, hahaha! It feels great with the breeze blowing through the trees and off the pond! I hope you get the chance to read in a hammock one day…but a good one! Some are terribly uncomfortable!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks so much!! Definitely having a lovely day and a vacation when I can make myself relax, lol! I think I’m about to go eat too much, lol Then I might have to brave the cold and swim in the ocean to get some exercise lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, the beach and hammock scenes look wonderful!

    I also love the look of these books, especially The Good Daughter by Slaughter. I’ve read several books by that title by other favorite authors, too.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you! It’s heavenly! We have the same hammock, well one handcrafted here on the island, in our backyard at home, but we don’t use it quite like we do when we are here! It’s just as comfy,but the view is not the same or the atmosphere, lol!

      I’m excited about those books! I did see on Goodreads other books by the same title and got confused for a minute!

      Thank you! I hope we do!🏖😃


  3. What a vacation, Stephanie…Love those pictures of the beach!! And the hammock. Ohhhh, the hammock! You’ve been posting tons while on vacation, and relaxing so that’s awesome. And congratulations on the followers! Yay! You’re growing in leaps and bounds. It’s nice to see that acknowledgement that people are enjoying what you post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they beautiful!! I especially love that the beach isn’t packed with people, lol!! I am not a fan of huge crowds 😏 I love the hammock! I could stay there forever.

      I don’t feel too bad about missing a couple of planned book reviews then! My brain is lazy right now anyway, lol! 😃 It took eons to write my book review this morning because I kept drifting off in lala land hehe!

      Thank you so much!! I just feel so humbled to have the new followers! It’s such an honor!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We really do. It’s private for the house and condo owners along this strip, so it doesn’t get too packed especially in June. July and August there will be a lot more people but nothing like beaches further North near Myrtle Beach, yikes!! Aww, thanks do much! I’m trying!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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