Book Review: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott
Published July 26, 2016, by Little, Brown and Company
4.5 Stars

“That’s what parenthood was about, wasn’t it? Slowly understanding your child less and less until she wasn’t yours anymore but herself” .

~ Megan Abbott, You Will Know Me


This is the first book that I have ever read by Megan Abbott, but it certainly won’t be my last! I adore a good suspense and mystery, and Abbott did not disappoint. She is a true storyteller!

Even though the book is about a murder, it didn’t just focus on the murder. Abbott does a fantastic job of writing about the real-life intricacies of the Knox family who is the book’s focus. Their life revolves completely around their daughter Devon, a gymnastics prodigy, and it is almost as fascinating as the murder and finding out who committed it, which admittedly was not too hard to figure out. Yet, unlike other suspense novels where you figure out the murder plot the book is either ruined or becomes boring, that doesn’t happen in You Will Know Me. Not at all!  It almost doesn’t matter who committed the murder in the book since the characters, the plot details, the suspense, and the storytelling makes the book more than worth reading.

Kate and Eric Knox are parents of Devon, age 15 who is a gymnastics prodigy with a real chance at making it to the Olympics. They also have a son Drew who is amazingly smart but often neglected more than anyone realizes as his parents put all their focus on helping Devon achieve her (and their own) dreams. Devon is literally in a competitive sport where one injury could ruin her chances at competing, which would ruin her family since they’ve sacrificed everything they have financially and emotionally to help Devon achieve her gymnastic dreams.

Abbot does a fantastic job of writing about the inside world of gymnastics and portraying the pettiness, drama, meanness, and dark drama exhibited by teenage girls. That itself was almost scarier than the murder! And she really nailed it because that is exactly how cliquey teenage girls can be when jealousy and pettiness are part of the picture.

What I really loved, especially as a mother to teenagers, is how the story is told in the POV of Kate, the mom. She’s almost an outsider looking into her daughter’s life since she’s never dealt with fierce competitiveness in the same way Devon has but at the same time, she’s been a teenager and knows what it’s like to face bodily changes and emotional changes: that transition from girl to woman I think all mother’s dread just a little since we want our little girls to stay little—I know I do.

You Will Know Me is a perfectly written story that delivers more than mystery and suspense. It tells a story worth reading with deep subject matter that is very powerful. I’ll never look at competitive gymnastics the same again! Definitely worth reading!

I want to thank NetGalley, Little, Brown and Company, and Megan Abbott for providing me with an ARC of You Will Know Me to read in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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